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RE: Where are all of the activists?

in #steemit7 years ago

Good ideas here @steelminer. Unfortunately, charities are dodgy AF much of the time, and it's difficult to know who to trust, especially when so many employ agents to do their bidding. My brother calls them 'chuggers' - charity muggers. You know, those guys on the street harrasing for sign-ups. I'd rather support people in 'my back yard' and hand 'em cash straight up. You're right, this is where crypto cancome in.


That's a great name for them haha. I think that the infrastructure of steemit can help cut down on the costs of doing business as a charity since we don't need those chuggers or a base of operations or much of the fat that bloats charities today. As well as being able to verify where the money is going using the blockchain to keep us honest.

Damn right - that's where the beauty of blockchain tech and trust comes in, and makes it easy for people to understand its value. If an African village ravaged by famine can directly receive donations coz they have a phone and a small solar panel to power it, who needs all the crap and skimmers in between?

And what steemian wouldn't simply upvote a post that can help the world? I like your page scotty I have now followed you.

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