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Do you want to change the world? Is there injustice that you see that you can't accept anymore? Do you see the degradation of society as corruption or as a problem we can solve? Stop thinking about the reasons you cannot do something and instead let your mind work to find the ways that you CAN do it. I am one person, I know that alone my power is limited so I have been attempting to use Steemit in order to gain a platform with which to affect positive change with.


Steemit users have amazing potential here. With the advent of cryptocurrencies and the widespread use of the internet throughout the world, there are now more ways than ever that we can help the world. Imagine a how much we could help a community somewhere like Nigeria with crowdfunding charities directly with a steemit post. We just need a community of caring people to post articles about certain villages or people or communities that need help.

A huge reason I don't donate to charities is that most of the money never gets utilized because of the infrastructure required to run a charity (not to mention the corruption within "non-profits") but due to the transparent nature of cryptocurrency it will be easy to make this charity/activist group and keep it from becoming corrupt (and cheap), no matter who runs it.


I want to create a group that will post to a unified steemit (in order to streamline donations and save money) account about various crises and causes around the world that need help and we could take the profits generated from this steemit to affect real change in the world. We could donate steem (or convert it to something else) to people in need or create movements and actually organize political events while getting funding directly from the steemit community.


Remember the days when reporters actually broke stories that changed the landscape of the world? People who would shed light on the backroom deals that occur and whose integrity would send them to jail rather than give up a source. Not the pseudo-entertainers they call journalists these days. We could essentially fund investigative journalists with steemit and could even create a source of information that is unbiased by mainstream media at the same time that we change the world. I am looking for anybody who cares about the world and can write an article. That's all we need to change the world, you and your voice.

If you know of any similar groups please point me in their direction.
If you are interested in participating please follow, upvote, resteem and send me a message.


Good ideas here @steelminer. Unfortunately, charities are dodgy AF much of the time, and it's difficult to know who to trust, especially when so many employ agents to do their bidding. My brother calls them 'chuggers' - charity muggers. You know, those guys on the street harrasing for sign-ups. I'd rather support people in 'my back yard' and hand 'em cash straight up. You're right, this is where crypto cancome in.

That's a great name for them haha. I think that the infrastructure of steemit can help cut down on the costs of doing business as a charity since we don't need those chuggers or a base of operations or much of the fat that bloats charities today. As well as being able to verify where the money is going using the blockchain to keep us honest.

Damn right - that's where the beauty of blockchain tech and trust comes in, and makes it easy for people to understand its value. If an African village ravaged by famine can directly receive donations coz they have a phone and a small solar panel to power it, who needs all the crap and skimmers in between?

And what steemian wouldn't simply upvote a post that can help the world? I like your page scotty I have now followed you.

Hello my name is Zamara Bennett and I have a proposition for you. Is there a method of contact we could use to chat privately? You can email me at [email protected] anytime. I am SO looking forward to chatting with you.

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