What is the Steem Depression Syndrome and how do you deal with it? @SteemitNetwork — Steemit

What is the Steem Depression Syndrome and how do you deal with it? @SteemitNetwork

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Are you continuously having a bad time on Steemit? Is the low performance of your posts on Steemit having a depressive effect on you?

Well, @SteemitNetwork coined a name for the depression you are feeling: Steem Depression Syndrome.

What is the Steem Depression Syndrome?

The Steem Depression Syndrome is the depression you feel when your are having a bad time on Steemit! Perhaps your posts are not doing well despite your hard work, your expectations are not not not being met and you are loosing it.

The Steem Depression Syndrome is caused by the frustration of not meeting any of your goals or expectations on Steem.

What does the Steem Depression Syndrome lead to?

When not address promptly, the Steem Depression Syndrome can result in Steem Depression Disorder.

Causes of the Steem Depression Syndrome?

There are several causes of the Steem Depression Syndrome but we will only list a handful here:

  • When people constantly downvote your post
  • When comments earn more than your posts
  • When people not not even read your post at all
  • When readers only upvote their own comments and not your posts
  • When you do not even know what to publish on Steem anymore!
  • Standing for witness and getting no one to support you
  • When you see plagiarized content do better than your hard research post

The effects of the Steem Depression Disorder

Some of the effects of the Steem Depression Syndrome include:

  • Feeling no one cares about you
  • Feeling Steem is not fair, only the popular one win all the time
  • Wanting to get off Steem
  • Writing bad posts
  • Becoming a spammer
  • Becoming a plagiarist

Who are most vulnerable to the Steem Depression Disorder?

  • Old Steemians who have little or inactive large followers
  • New steemians who came to Steem with high hopes
  • People who have invested alots of cash into Steem and do not their expected rate of return

How to deal with the Steem Depression Disorder

  • First of all, understand that Steem owns you nothing for your contents or activity.
  • Second, understand that like all other endeavors you need to invest sometime before you can get something back. It could be Steem, your times or activity.
  • Seek help from the Steem community such as #minnowsupport
  • Attend a #SteemFest and you would meet some wonderful Steemians there who could help you
  • Write about your challenges as post - you will receive some heart warm responses and support from commenters
  • Join a chat Steem session on Discus or Steemit.chat and interact with the community, you get get over your boredom, meet new Steemians and learn something exiting.

What you should not do:

  • Do not bother the whales - some of them are arrogant and would equate your efforts as spamming
  • Do not write shitty posts or plagiarize content - all content on the Steem Blockchain is eternal including all edit history
  • Do not go wild - not not turn into an adult blogger, write provocative posts, attack others or do anything stupid - you will earn downvotes

We hope you enjoyed our post!

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Steemian talk

  • What do you think of the Steem Depression Disorder?
  • Have you ever experienced the Steem Depression Syndrome?
  • How would your recommend dealing with the Steem Depression Syndrome?

Tell us your opinions in the comments and do not forget to upvote, resteem and follow @SteemitNetwork!

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Upvoted by Emma

hahahaha~ sorry to laugh, but it does make sense, but before it goes bad, shouldn't one seek help like how to blog? learning some of the blogging lingo helps too.

Ive suffered from this SDS
I even wrote about it like u suggested but Im over it now. Its usualy worse when u make a huge amount on one post and the next one earns you cents

One thing that helps is that i have decides to stop worrying about the money and focus on creating good content instead.
I also remembrr that when i was in facebook i didnt get anything for my likes


Here is the post i wrote about sds
I hope u like it