Track new coronavirus in real time- The coronavirus app

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Do you want to know about new corona virus epidemic situation at a glance?
What i intoroduce to yours is to [The coronavirus app] You can find out real time occurs of coronavirus spread situation depend on region or countries all around world.

and If you have twitter account, also you can acquire the recent news through twitter`s account news listing. As of many infectious desease expert, we need to protect our body for new coronavirus not only to clean our bodies after outing but also to wear effectieve mask. because we do not know that who is contaminated by new coronavirus on the street.

As you know, Globalization trend of our life and business is not irreversible in any country. So, Even though this situation will be ended safely, we will be encountered similiar situation with new epidemic viruses or deseases repeatedly on the global level. At that time, the most of important thing is to deal calmly.

This kinds of service is so useful and easy to understand about secific issues. Please refer to this service. and If you have any a schedule for business or trip to another country, you have to check out before departure.


Thanks for highlighting this. I knew an app would follow soon.

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