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Hello Steemians, a week ago we posted there would be a series of Town Hall meetings this week. We held a witness Town Hall on Tuesday, and today we are excited for the community-wide Town Hall starting at 6pm PST.

Please Join the Town Hall at 6pm PST for Updates

This week we have seen a lot of debate and conversation take place about the future of Steemit since joining the TRON ecosystem. Not only was the witness Town Hall informative and enlightening, it paved the way for everyone to listen, share ideas and find solutions to bring these two great ecosystems together. I look forward to sharing these, and more updates with everyone at the Town Hall. See you soon!

Join the meeting here: https://tron.zoom.us/j/721328583

The Steemit Team


That's 3 hours earlier than what was shared in your first announcement. Why the change?

Will try to make it, and hope it can be positive, but this is difficult for anyone in Europe.

I guess its good that you guys can talk to them.

But their inconsistency is a joke x)

Did you make it is there any news?

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You have been trying to do a hostile takeover on our blockchain for five straight days!


You Have Forgotten The Face Of Your Father & Lost Your Own Face.

Justin Sun owns the business now I support Justin Sun.

All I've heard from previous meetings is that this a "two way street" in terms of compromise. But I haven't heard any offerings from Tron / Steemit on how they plan to rectify their MASSIVE fuckup -- only requests that we make special allowances to blockchain code to allow their exchange friends to backpedal out of "aggressively borrowing" customer funds to hijack a blockchain on behalf of a private corporation.

You are NOT special. YOU fucked up. It's up to YOU to make it right, and you WILL NOT come out of this whole without sacrifice.

That said -- I imagine that there are pathways forward that could be mutually beneficial. Perhaps making a formal, contractual obligation with a portion of the contentious pre-mined stake, at a 1:2 ratio of the CUSTOMER FUNDS FROM EXCHANGES THE YOU UNETHICALLY (and probably illegally) utilized to hijack this blockchain projct.

Justin Sun previously mentioned that he purchased 70M STEEM... You've currently UNETHICALLY (and again, probably illegally) utilized about 31M STEEM from Binance alone.... I haven't looked at the numbers from Huobio or Poloniex, but I imagine they're substantial as well. All these exchanges want out, and we (the community) want to stop living under the thumb of some corporation that cares not for the longevity of this community.

Time to step up, admit that YOU fucked up, and put something substantial on the table. It's fair to say that there was a moderate amount of uncertainty and panic involved in the decisions, because they OBVIOUSLY weren't made with an understanding of the consequences at hand if they didn't play out as intended -- because they didn't.

There's every liklihood that committing / investing in this blockchain will work out for you financially in the long run.

Nobody here wants to destroy Justin Sun and Steemit Inc. We just have no desire to live under the thumb of an ignorant, greedy, shortsighted and foolish corporation full of empty promises (and, in all likelihood -- contract breaches) anymore.

Like anyone... Acknowledging and rectifying mistakes is the best, and probably only way, to grow in a healthy and profitable way.

He could turn over some percentage of the premine to an independent custodian, who could release it on the market at an agreed upon emission rate.

There's any number of things that could be done.

I won't be able to attend.

I will offer Justin 30 STEEM for one ounce of truth though. If someone could pass that message along, that would be great. Thanks!

Make it 44 and it's a deal.

Nope. 32. Final offer.

4444 Steem and Ned's location. xD

4444 STEEM Ned's Location and an EMP to cook the sock puppet server(s).

Okay, but when he hodls them, he wants to vote for witnesses.

@justinsuntron has made no postings. How did you downvote him?

Swap tron for steemit

I am loving the two new badges that I got today. Thank you for these badges. I will display them with pride.

Ye me2 hahaha


Why power down when you can wait 4 months to do a hard fork? lmao.


power down wtf? i was thinking about starting my voting circle daily blog again. Hopefully Justin will join in

Message to Binance, or whoever has their keys.

You must be a recent graduate of Steem School 😎

What would happen if users initiate mass withdrawal of STEEM from all exchanges? Would voting exchanges be forced to buy / borrow STEEM from other exchanges that did not lock up their coins? If so, would this liquidity crunch create any price premium on STEEM itself?

Already happening.

Funny as you say. I mused the same yesterday:


But not withdraw. Transfer then them into SteeemIt accounts. That ways the exchanges have to provide the coins.

Hope its not another bribe talk and a talk about quick power downs... Why is the team only focused on quick power downs.... something fishy going on here. 🤦😂

It's to cover their exchange buddies asses.

...just a little. 🐟

They are getting pressure from the exchanges. Honestly, I think the exchanges gotta take a bit of ownership and figure out how to get out of it themselves (hint: simply power down).

Why is @steemitblog not burning or declining the rewards on the post any more?

Because money.

doesn't matter if we downvote it to 0

They simply have no idea what that changes, or how to do it... It's like an aborigine seeing a smartphone for the first time in their life.

Because it is now controlled by @justinsunsteemit!

Because it is tronitblog now and they don't know to do that.

Same reason Justin Sun doesnt decline the rewards when he posts. He is just in it for the money here.


It wont be. None of them have been so far. Don't hold your breath.

lolol. Watching mold grow was more alluring, tbh.

Just came out of that "meeting." That was absurd. No progress was made at all. The discussion seemed to be Justin talking about Tron and trying to make the case for a 3 day powerdown being better and his ability to get lots of rich people to invest in STEEM if we'll allow the quick powerdown.

No, we're not doing that. Next request please.... or just powerdown.

STEEM price is rising ever since the three exchanges where tricked into power up. Not surprise as the amount of liquid STEEM was reduced.


Follow follow?

No follows left to use.

Haha! You're such a geek, girl.

Steemit.com became part of the Tron ecosystem not the Steem Blockchain. Learn the difference. 😊😊

Sorry, too late for me here, could anyone make a synthesis tomorrow? I am tired of this stuff.

I suffered through one, not sure I can do another..

I dont like tron ecosystem, we are all steemians. We dont like tron devil

I'll be there, but only in regards to the future of content creation. Politics and economics aren't what I am here for.

Unfortunately, it is about the future of content creation. With an announced plan to roll Steemit into the TORN ecosphere, in order to gther more members for TRX coins, and more gambling, gaming, I can see the day when our cool blogging platform is forced to fork away.

For now, consider adding me, as your PROXY for your WITNESS VOTING?
You can always remove the proxy, at any time. BUT, we need to stabilize the Blockchain first. The moves toward a FAST 1-3 day powerdown, to save the exhcanges that helped Justin, only CRIPPLE the reward system, upvoting, and more.

Did you hear about Steempeak already? And maybe Palnet?

I moved to steempeak because of this.

I switched to SteemPeak ever since, it has just been better ever since. But we can‘t create free accounts atm, that was a feature only Steemit provided so far.

I'm not downloading an app! Sorry

You're accepting payouts now?

Justin can fuck himself.

Invites the community to a meetup, but it's at 4AM in Europe.

It's hard to see what a compromise would look like. Steem wants the contract with Ned about the use of the STINC stake honoured, and Sun wants to be able to sell that stake at any point of his choosing. These two lines in the sand don't share any overlap.

Maybe a compromise (if coding it is feasible) is for us (steem) to lock up a proportion (25%?) of the STINC stake for a set period of time (1 or 2 years?) to be used for growing the blockchain value. After that point all the stake is available for Sun to withdraw at his pleasing. Sun is ultimately going to get the latter with the help of the exchanges by the looks of it, so it makes sense to give him that ability while still working to grow the value of his investment.

As I a already stated if I win the 18 million euro lottery I will buy Justin's stake. 😉 I heared it wasn't that much he paid for that steem. I don't know if that's true. I won't be selling it for the coming 15 years... I think.

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In my dreams I buy about $100 million (1/50th of my worth) worth of steem and reinstate our community witnesses and then 'poof' just disappear Sun's steem for good. Then I just fund endless development. I'd make a good billionaire.. :)

😇 well before this happened I allways said when I would win that lottery I will buy for 1 million euro steem. Because I believed in this project.. didn't expect that it would be just taken over and turned to another coin. Steem is steem tron is tron... in my future there is no steemtron. I won't buy for a million euro into steemtron. If I all ready had that kind of steem? I would vote for the community and governance in place.

But... don't expect to see a businessman just buy a company without changes to his ideas. I saw and experienced hostile company takeovers the stuff they wanted they kept and the rest was disguarded.

We have here a community.. people who makes games invested time and money into steem. Build their business around it.. People who made 5 times a day posts... streaming the steemwayoflife etc etc

People go bankrupt if steem becomes tron we talk about lives here not just a few steem in a wallet.

And yeah... If I would have bought steemit and 25% of the chain... of course I would be mad I would be furious if my wallet got hijacked... But I wouldn't see it as my chain.. Because it isn't. . I wouldn't say it was hacked because the chain would be hackable and my funds are gone vaporated... it would damage my investment.

But in front at first I would investigate what I buy into... how it would be possible to be able to buy 25% of a chain in one transaction. Is that possible in the future and how that would affect the chain my invested assets and all people/companies involved in that chai

btw, why should we download and install that tron.zoom.us thing? which I'm sure 99% of us never heard of?

Yup - I just stopped at that part to!

Spyware maybe?

We will not be entering but wish a success.

Martin of ROTFL Witness.

My psychic senses tell me this probably didn't go well.

Unfortunately not an option for me in Europe (3 AM) with obligations in the morning. I hope those present will hold a civil discussion and I hope on a constructive outcome. All in all we will all have to give and take a little bit to come to a compromise. Looking forward to conclusions/notes tomorrow.

Can we use UTC as time instead of PST/STD or whatever else?

Everybody is moving from Steemit over to Steempeak or any of the other Steem Blockchain DApps.... There are plenty to use so there is NO NEED to use Steemit anymore. Don’t delay and don’t continue to use and support Steemit/Justin Sun.

No more fuckery guys. Let's just treat this thing like two drunk adults and be nice.

Congratulations @steemitblog!
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The big question: do I switch to Steempeak, Busy, or some 3rd frontend I can't think of at the moment if this Steemit BS persists?

SteemPeak! It is awesome and the developers are very helpful and active!


There are some security concerns around using the Steemit website also because they lost all their devs. Also apparently no on is handling the company's account creation tool either.

That was the worst town hall ever...

Did you listen to it? It seemed to just be a bunch of empty words, typically a town hall allows lots of people to speak and give opinions and ask questions. Nothing of importance was really addressed or solved :/

And did Justin Sun attend the second Town Hall? What did he say?

I suggest listening yourself and coming to your own conclusions:

So, how was the "talk"?

you wasted our time at this meeting. you must think we are dumb over here.

What these steemit whales are trying to do is to steal the business from Justin Sun. I call for regulators in investigate steemit. Dr Usman Chohan The Concept and Criticisms of Steemit - Steemit Spam

He is a scam artist. The community left behind a bad actor. Enjoy your empty chain with no dapps and no morality.

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I support Justin Sun decision to take over Steemit,
and wish him all the very best.

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