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RE: Steemit, Inc. Leadership Changes

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Congratulations Elizabeth. Since many of us haven't worked with you before, would you please share the best avenues for community members/witnesses/project owners to reach you?


Damn internet, it's like information is just there if you push buttons. If she won't answer at one job annoy her at the other, duh.

Contact Email
[email protected]
Phone Number

Screenshot_2019-02-04 Elizabeth Powell Crunchbase.png

in 5 months she has two posts? ... what's with that?

I mean, she's the communication manager :D

I mean, she's the communication manager :D

@geekorner ...that undoubtedly MUST be a typo!! };)

I see her on the @steemalliance Discord.

She has not made any comment yet.

It reminds me of one of my favorite songs lyrics that !ned plays to me every so often.

Now you say it best when you say nothing at all

That is from the Allison Krauss hit "when you say nothing at all" .

Enjoy your ned and don't forget to recommend nedcore!


Her previous role was not very convincing.

We shall see from here on.

You are breaking character.

Go back to Braille, you silly person.

@enforcer48 "Communication managers" don't comment. They solely listen!! :)

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