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RE: SteemConnect 2.0: Easy, Fast, Efficient Access to the Steem Blockchain

in #steemit7 years ago

BTW, is SteemConnect support or will support OAuth2 style authorization?

I am talking about a scenario, where I would like to use different tool, which has support for login via OAuth2 provider, to login with my Steem/SteemConnect account.


Yes! SteemConnect 2 posting API is using OAuth 2 standard for authentication.

YES!!! This is what I've been wanting to hear. Very cool. :)

hi Noisy, I am trying to implement steemconnect v2 on my angular 2 app.
Will there be a version out soon for angular 2 as well?
Or is it it possible to integrage angularjs, I can get it to work in index.html but moving it to other components is throwing a lot of errors.

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