Steemigram : post on Steemit via Instagram app... looking for business angels !

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Few days ago, @algo.coder and @sebbbl released Steemigram, an app which allows to publish pictures on Steemit directly from Instagram app. Thus, Instagramers can cross-post their content from one source, and keep their followers on Instagram.


But now, we're facing two major difficulties. First, the time has come to get Steemigram known by everyone. And this is a hard part. A referral program will be put in place soon, which will allow referrers to have little bonus, but in the meantime we need you to spread the word. We thank you in advance for that !

The second part, and certainly the biggest one, is to find business angels, who will help us grow our voting power, in order to attract lots of people on this program. We definitely need delegations. So, to all people who have sleeping Steem Power, think about us !

A huge potential

Steemigram has the particularity to be able to drain people to Steemit without leaving their favourite app. And the future referral program will also help us this way. Instagram actually count one billion active accounts. I think it's worth it...

So if you like this initiative, please resteem, and feel free to delegate !

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Nice idea.

Will tell my girlfriend about it. Shw got a instagram-account.

Catch ya later


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It doesn't work for me either using chrome nor Mozilla. It's always said that my instagram account is invalid. I wonder why.

great idea best of luck steemigram

Thanks !

Interesting idea. If I could cross post my instagram posts over to steemit, not only could I make more posts on steemit.

I just hope you are sincere (no evidence for or against that).
done what you asked for "in the meantime we need you to spread the word": resteem.

(I don't use insta but other people obviously do, also here on steemit.)

Thanks a lot. If you have any doubt you can join us on Discord and ask all the questions you want. Why wouldn't I be sincere ? If I want this project to take off (and I'm sure it will), I have to be.

"Why wouldn't I be sincere ?" dunno, just hope (and assume) you are :).
"If I want this project to take off (and I'm sure it will), I have to be." good.

Great project. Will follow and resteem. What's a little unclear from video is that there's a website with all the info ! Hope to see this grow.

Could also use a little clearer info on the website, re: the title of post

Interesting app - i only have security concerns when using steemconnect and active keys with no "https" - did also not work for me when tried as said invalid IG

Hi, thanks for the interest you demonstrate towards the project.

I answered you on Discord about security. And the HTTPS is gonna be put in place with the new site coming in a few hours. But know that the security of your keys depends on Steem Connect, we only have the access token delivered by SteemConnect who transited through our server (so only with the authorization of broadcasting a comment).

For the invalid IG account, a private IG account can not be linked to the app.

Thanks mate -appreciate the feedback on all channels.