Community Witness wants YOU! Join now and get a witness - The next rounds starts soon on April, 1st

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Discover the Community Witness and get onboard!

Greetings to all Steemians,
the first round of the Community Witness will finish on April, 1st and all accounts who joined before March, 1st will be payed out a share of all producer rewards gained through this month.

Since the project is still very young and was created one month ago, now is the perfect time to introduce the Community Witness to all of you, who missed it before.

If you wanna join, just vote for steemhq.witness as a witness and you are in!
Now it's the perfect time because next payout round starts on April, 1st.

How the Community Witness works

  1. Give 1 of your 30 witness votes to steemhq.witness
    You can do it using the "Vote for witness" Link scroll down to the text input field, enter steemhq.witness and hit the "Vote" Button. As alternative you can use this link and vote via Steemconnect.

  2. Let the witness produce blocks and earn Steem
    With enough votes from the community the witness server will start producing blocks on the Steem blockchain and earn Steem as a reward.

  3. Get your fee share of Steem every month
    After each month all earnings are payed back to the community proportional to your voting power which is equal to your Steempower. SteemHQ takes a small fee in order to cover the expenses for the project.

All important information and stats can be viewed on our Community Witness frontend: Community Witness Website

Vote your Witness Parameter (optional)

Your opinion how to improve Steem matters!
So we implemented a way where all participans of the Community Witness can vote for Witness Parameter each month. The feature is covered in full detail in this post:
Vote for Witness Parameter Introduction

Join us now and get a (community) witness

Vote for steemhq.witness on Steemit or directly on SteemConnect

As mentioned before, the next round starts on April, 1st - we can't wait to see you there!

If you have any feedback or suggestion how to further improve the Community Witness feel free to leave a comment below.

Since the Community Witness is still very unknown, any help of you (RESTEEM) in order to promote this project is more than appreciated! THANK YOU!


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Voted for witness @steemhq.witness and @justinadams after seeing your discussion in the comments. Good luck guys!

Thanks for joining in - glad to have you onboard!

After seeing your comment, also decided to vote for both of them :)

What a great way to share the bounty of witnessing. A couple of questions: is there enough votes that your witness is producing blocks. And how much was the March payout? What kind of $$ are we looking at here for our vote?

Hi @myklovenotwar,
thanks for your feedback. I'll gladly answering your questions:

is there enough votes that your witness is producing blocks

Yes, we already witnessed 6 blocks in march 2018 - remember the project just started, it's the hardest part. That's why every vote counts in order to grow.

And how much was the March payout?

Current payout is 4.662 STEEM - not much yet, but like mentioned before, we just getting started

What kind of $$ are we looking at here for our vote?

It depends on your Steempower, which affects your witness voting weight.

All data questioned here can be found in detail on our website:

Thank you for answering my questions and for pointing me to further resources.

Steady, nice and innovative your postings, I like to see, read and enjoy. Thanks for sharing.

This is very similar to my project that gives back to the community by creating more nodes (which I noticed you didn't mention or list here) to increase blockchain efficiency and integrity as these are essential to keeping the network running smoothly. Producing a witness for profit by selling votes (or voting for one with the promise of returning a profit) in my opinion is a questionable practice. Especially when the payouts are returned in favor of those with the most voting power. This essentially allows the witness to be "purchased". It's clever marketing I'll say, however it promises absolutely no more stability for the network and it's applications, nor does it fairly promise to distribute it's profits amongst all voters. Though tempting, I had to make the decision not to "sell" votes for my witness and opted to earn them organically. To each his own. Good job nonetheless.

Hi @justinadams,
thanks for your constructive feedback.

First of, thanks for bringing your project to my attention - I fully support you with one of my witness votes from my main account @roomservice. I guess I can speak on behalf of the Steem community, that your work is much appreciated!

Right now Steem is designed all about Steempower, which means that the larger the stake of Steem is, the more influence and profit can be made on this platform. Many whales use the system to their advantage when delegating their Steempower for a fee or selling their votes on voting bots.

The reward distribution on the Community Witness currently follows these principals of Steempower but I totally get your point on a more fair and wider distribution of Steem to the community.

If interested, I made a proposal on how to (in my opinion) improve Steem right here:

Thanks for replying. And thanks for your vote! I have to admit that was completely unexpected. It is unfortunate that there is a disparity in distribution of steem monetary units. Just be very careful about it because the way you intend to distribute rewards leaves an open opportunity for some who may have malevolent intentions. That part of the campaign is really hard and I definitely respect your effort to find a way around that without stepping on too many toes the wrong way or seeming biased.

thank you for a kind information....thank you so much...keep it up carry on your activity best of luck try something new....

Nice post and nice photos good job best of luck thumbs up a resteem from my side.

Thanks for your feedback and spreading the word!

This is awesome @steemhq
Tanks for the information images-2.png

Good project! I will think about it🙂


Good post thank you

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Thank You! ⚜

I'm trying get some basic knowledge about this witness community I'm still a newbie..cheers

If you wanna know more about how witnesses on Steem work, just try this link here:

A great summary of another witness called drakos.

This might solve some of my curiousity about the role of the witness. I've voted drakos for witness before this.. I appreciate your effort to help me. Have a nice day

as a beginner in steemit, I seem to find a great opportunity after reading your post, hope someday I can join, allow me to resteem your post

You are welcome to join anytime and thanks for your kind words!

thank you for the kindness of his heart that has invited me to join, just wait for my friend someday I will join, please advice and his input for me because I am beginner in steemit. Thank you friend

I didn't know your witness. It's a great idea !

very good I really like this post hopefully steemit always lucky until the future later. i love steemit


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On behalf of everyone new to this community, I want to thank you for these initiatives to us. Many times it is difficult to get notoriety and support here, and you do it selflessly and I really appreciate it.
Btw I would like very much if you could read some of my posts ... I really put a lot of love and effort into them. I only ask that vote for me if I deserve it, but you would make me incredibly happy if you at least read it!
Receiving your support is like a dream to me
You have my vote, and I stay attentive to your next publications!
P.S. If you need some kind of design for your account, I'm at your service ♥

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Great post!
Thanks for tasting the eden!

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Thank you very much!

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Thanks for your support!

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