I´ve Powered Up Today - I´m A Dolphin Now! 🐬

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After 249 days on Steemit I´ve finally made it and evolved to a Steem Dolphin. It hasn´t been easy to get there but it´s simply been an amazing journey, which tought me a lot and allowed me to meet a bunch of awesome people.

Despite the falling prices at the very moment and a lot of issues with bots conquering steemit I don´t even think about quitting it for a single second. I strongly believe in a very bright future for steem especially whenever we see SMT´s go live, which will carry the vision of steem even further into the world.

But let´s get to the most important part of today, which is to thank all of you! Not only those who follow me and grant me the honor of their votes but the whole steemit community. You guys are all simply awesome and I´m really happy to be a part of all this. Let´s all keep working towards a great future for steem!

Thank You Very Much!
Without you guys I´d never been able to get to where I am today. I´ll wear the Dolphin badge from steemitboard.com with big proud while always thinking of you guys whenever looking at it.


P.s.: As I´m in a really great mood today you can count on a big vote of mine on your comments on this post. Just don´t expect anything on spam ;)

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Hi @steembusiness

greetings from me @sultan-aceh
I also congratulate you for reaching Dolphin
hopefully you are always in good health
and can enjoy what you just get every day.

I am following you and Re-steemed

Regards @sultan-aceh

congratulations @steembusiness


Regards @xpilar

thanks a lot @xpilar :) Much appreciated :)

Congrats on the new status. I hope to join you there one day (although you'll probably be an orca by then).

I'm hoping to invest more shortly, taking advantage of the low(ish) - well, for the last few months anyway - price of Steem. I'll at least be a Minnow then and feel like I have a little more power on here.

Anyway, keep up the good work - have enjoyed some good reads.

I´d be happy to see you reaching Dolphin status one day. But anyways just remember that only 500 SP will make you belong to the top 5% on steemit ;)

Really @steembusiness. Getting to 500SP is my main goal right now. I had no idea that getting there would put me in the top 5% on Steemit.
That's really surprising!

I was really surprised as well as I got to know about it. It´s quite encouraging to keep going actually, right? :)

Hmmm. Well yes and no @steembusiness.
it would be nice to be in the top 5% but that just highlights how crap most of what's going on here is.
Oops! Look like I got out the wrong side of bed this morning! 😊

I know what you're saying, but yes & no. Yes, there is a lot of crap on Steemit, with copying content from the web to upload here and make a quick buck.

But there are also a lot of small accounts who're really struggling to be heard - and with no money/SP and no following, it's hard to break through and get noticed.

I think a lot of these people have, or will give up, which is a shame. I'm sure we're going to lose some great creators because they don't have the patience to "see it through".

@steembusiness Congratulations and thank you for all of your Kindness and Support !!!

Thank you very much @stockjockey :) I´m really glad to have you as one of my followers and be allowed to engage with you on a regular basis. I can´t wait to see you become a Dolphin as well one day. You´re definitely on a good way :)

P.s.: You should start to post your videos via D.Tube ;)

Congratulations @steembusiness! I am thrilled to celebrate your achievement with you and proud to have you a part of our Steemit community. RESTEEMED.

Thanks a lot @senseicat :)
It´s really awesome to be in the Dolphin Club now. Next target is becoming an Orca within the next 5 years xD

Congrats on the Dolphin Rank it inspires us minnows.

Because of your link to @buildteam community which was Spotlighted in the "Community Growth Project" #communitygrowthproject you have been Honorably mentioned in our daily video. Please feel free to check it out below.


Lastly thank you for your daily crypto post they are both informative and well written the knowledge you share is invaluable.

That´s cool news @cgbartow :)
Thank you very much!

I´ll definitely take a look on your video :)


Congratulations! It is always inspiring to hear success stories like this and gives us the kick up the backside to keep going.

Looking back, what one piece of advice would you give to plankton/minnows based on what you've learnt from your journey to dolphin (give more than one if applic)...?

A hearty congratulations.

You post quality content which deserves upvotes.

I like that you mention about not quitting...persistence is key. It shows what can happen when one consistently posts while getting involved in the community.

You are a valued member here.....

It is wonderful to see it paying off.

And the next 5K SP will be easier to get....you are on your way.

Thank you very much @taskmaster4450 :)
It´s always great to see a comment of you on my posts. It always gets me motivated to write some more of my own xD

I´m still convinced though that I can improve my posts and engagement on here a lot as soon as I´m going full time freelance in about a month ;)

I wish I could say that I would be a full time steemian in a month. My timeline might be a bit further out.

Either way, it will happen. Low steem price does not help my move in that matter.

Thank you for the compliment though.

Must be a great feeling getting to be a Dolphin now and on to Whale.

It´s definitely an awesome feeling to become a Dolphin but it´ll be a really really long way to become a whale though. I probably won´t make it but maybe I can become an Orca in some years :)

Thank you very much @outofsteem :) I´m just so happy and especially grateful that I´ve finally made it to the next level. I´ve been working towards it for a long long time now :)

Well it's great to see your hard work paying off! Best of luck to you. I hope I can get there too!

Success always takes sweet taste and I can feel the sweetness with your meditation gesture for your success, looking forward with all your followers for steemt and all these successes because the people

Congratulations with the promotion! Still far far away from the Dolphin level but I'll follow your path once 😎

Congratulationssss! I myself am looking forward to SMT's and the 'communities' updates. Hope this two will increase the price of steem as seeing the market all red is just so disappointing to look at :)

Congratulations on your achievement and this wonderful post as well. It is so nice when hard work pays off. I am far behind you but feel like the little engine that could. Making my way and learning something new every day here. Slow and steady wins the race and this is definitely a marathon not a sprint (alright enough with the cliches). I keep reminding myself of how early we are. There are less than 80k people daily on the platform and when we reach 1M we will still be small.

Do you have any great advice other than put in the work for those us us trying to duplicate your achievement. Thanks in advance.

Waw the amazing success, @steembusiness, a struggle that is not in vain

Congratulations! I hope to reach Dolphin status one day too... Cheers to continued growth and success 🖖🏽

294 days... Wow... That is a long time... Pretty discouraging too.

But i Will stick around for some time.

Why discouraging? Given the fact that the value of Steem will eventually rise significantly in the future and that only 500 SP already make you belong to the top 5% is more than just encouraging to me. Steem is the social media ecosystem of the future and we all will be more than happy that we sticked to it in the early days already :)

Congrats on this feat! It is the dividend of sheer hardwork and resilience.


Success always tastes sweets, and i can feel the sweetness with you kind gesture....looking forward for for more of your success alongwith your all follower

Steem on!!

All right cheers for that man...

Congratulations on your achievement @steembusiness cheers!

Congratulation!! Finally your effort has paid off. :)

Interesting. I've been on Steem for a while, but have never really paid attention to a lot of the status and earning features.

...with that said, stupid question: What is a dolphin status? Where do you see that in your account?

Congratulations steembusiness for achieving Dolphin status. May you become a whale in time to come. Upvoted!

Woop woop! Welcome to the Dolphin team. :)

Hehe, yeah it´s awesome to finally be there :)
Has been a long journey :)

Congratulations! I will soon follow you! 😀

Congrat to your new status, I always love to see people break off limit, i am so glad for you atleast i know now from your testimony that i will reach there one day, remember us in your kingdom. More honours awaits you, keep keeping on!

Congrats on a great milestone. I felt powerful when I crossed 15 Steem. That's when I had paid off all the steem which was delegated to me for new account creation.
Waiting for SBD to rise so that I can convert my 19 SBD to Steem. That will add some more power to me.
500 still seems very far for me though.

What, exactly, does it mean to become a dolphin? (And notice that you've changed from a fish to a mammal???)
I'm still pretty new, so I'm still trying to understand everything!

(Oh, for a challenge, I wrote a conspiracy story earlier in the week about how whales are just food for sharks anyway... the people who have read it were freaked out, so if you'd like a little amusement...
https://steemit.com/blockchains-contest/@viking-ventures/the-story-of-genie100-conspiracy-creative-writing-contest )


welcome to club dolphin

Thank you :) It´s awesome to finally be a part of it :)

Congrats on the achievement. We now have one more friendly dolphin in the steemit ocean! I did celebrate 2 days that I finally paid of my debt to the steemit Ecosystem.
It's good to read that there are still plenty of people who do believe in the future of Steemit, certainly considering the crazy time we will be seeing when the SMT go in Beta phase. O man, I do want to be a first adaptor of that.
Also did like the image on your blog, where you state that you do upvote good (genuine) comments. You have a new follower.
Keep it going!


I've just got my account today and by browsing and reading around, I've found I'm a plankton!? Not even a small fish :)

I have been your follower and congrats on the new achievement.
I see you talk about bots that have consumed Steemit.

Despite the falling prices at the very moment and a lot of issues with bots conquering steemit I don´t even think about quitting it for a single second.

I just wrote a post a few mins ago describing the dilema am in,ie Power Up(which i have been doing and my goal for this month is 700Sp) or start also using bots!!!! If you have time you can check out my post and give me advice(am in a real dilema !)

Congrats for the new badge

Congratulations to transform yourself into a dolphin ;)

congratulations for your success in steemit

Congratulations @steembusiness!!!!!
Thumbs up""!!!!!!
Icon pack by Icons8

241 days looks very quickly!
If I continue at my current pace I might get rid of the 14.5 SP delegated amount.

So perhaps you can write a few posts about how you gained most of your Steem? Or did you do that already?

Congratulations on your new status (so jealous - lol)
It's nice to see a positive message go around, and to be remembered that all the hard work does pay off in the long run.

Let's throw a SteemIt party to celebrate!

giphy (7).gif

Great job man, it's always nice when people decide to power up instead of just cash out. It's people like you that make Steemit thrive, and those aren't just empty words!

I still have a long road ahead of me, but I'm hoping to achieve the same level of success some day. A little motivation like your post definitely helps me to get a glimpse of what's ahead ;-)

You encourage me to go on. The first time I wanted to give up I came across your post , and I had just crossed 500SP. You pointed out that I was already in the top 5%, which completely took me by surprise. I do still sometimes get discouraged, because of the short cuts people take ( bid bots) and that it works. I get discouraged, because delegating SP to bitbots might actually make more money than posting.
But you point out regularly the good stuff on here, which I just so happen to agree with as well. It’s just nice to read it once in a while.

Congratulations @steembusiness. That most be a wonderful feeling to get to dolphin status in what, about 8 or 9 months. Not bad going! 😊
Did you do it organically or have you bought Steem and/or delegations?
I'm noticing that the people who joined about the same time as me and who are much further "ahead" have done both and/or are using bots.
At the moment I am still on the organic path although I was delegated 75 SP by @abh12345 for winning his commenting league which is pretty exciting.
Have a wonderful day enjoying your achievements here. 😊

Congratulations on your achievement, keep up the good work :)

Congratulations on your new status! You deserve! You have worked hard to achieve it. Enjoy it!

Wow congrats, so you made it just shy of 250 days. Let's see when I am able to reach there, seems to me it will take me longer than this :) Hope that it's not much longer.

Congratulations to you. I pine my nights and days away thinking of the time when I am no longer a minnow and I can move up the food chain ladder. Ohh someday seen I will be there and can eat more than plankton. Haha. Just kidding. I really am happy for you and look forward to both of us hitting new milestones and doing great things here. Keep up the great work )and I will find some type of sauce for this plankton).

congratulations @steembusiness.thanks a lot of xpilar and great to share this post.

Congratulations steembusiness.You're doing great work.
And thanks a lot of xpilar for resteem this post.

249 days.
I think it's great.
I hope you get even higher.

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