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You are looking for a help on how to improve your steemit blog? Here we review 5 Tips, that might help you set your feet right on track on how to become a sucessful blogger and hopefully how to make money on steemit.

Tip 1:
How is your site different than others? Its hard to find a niche and standout. But guess what you are a unique person and a blog that is different than others is better than just a good blog.

Tip 2:
Stay authentic , dont do something you are not passionate about. If you dont post about things you are passionate about, its most likely being a real struggle. Youre audience will notice if you really are interested in something or just pretending to be.

Tip 3: How can you improve your quality?
Are there small things you know you should change? Do it now

Tip 4:
What is too much? If youre full of motivation and write lots of sites. Would it be better to cut it down just to 1 site. Most people nowadays have a very small attention span. Put that into consideration, Less is more

Tip 5:
Learning from professional bloggers. Most of the time it is not necessary to reinvent a whole thing new. There are already people doing it very sucessful. They follow concepts and logic. So try to learn from them.

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Thank you for watching, cu around next with good content!


Great post and info :0) agree 100% upvoted and resteemed

Thanks saffisara, ill do my best! Thanks for the support

Great tips brotha, new here for 21 days, learned a lot. Followed! 💪🏼🙌🏼

wow how is that insane growth even possible? :) Good job man!

Here's another tip...use a picture! I keep seeing decent articles get no attention because the author didn't include a picture. That picture is so important for the sake of visibility. Taking it a step further, use a funny or eye-catching picture to stand out.

Very good and important tip. Though it should be Captain obvious, this is among the most common mistakes. Thanks

I might add make sure to use a profile picture.


More promos. The more you make the better they get. Keep up the great posts.

What makes steem beautiful It's because of Steemers like you.

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Welcome to Steemit > I'm happy you could join us.
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Thank you very much im working on it :)! Thanks for the feature :)

good info! thanks!
new follower + upvoted + resteemed

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