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This site is dedicated to promoting steemit as a way to intrigue greek people who have never heard of it.

The site is now in both ENGLISH and GREEK switchable by a simple button on the top left.                                     I won't bore you with all the stories about being introduced to cryptos.

   Now i trade day and night with some remarkable success!!

                            ! THE REASON FOR THIS POST !

 After talking to my friend we decided that we had to give something back to the community and we decided to create  STEEMIT.GR  STEEMIT.GR Was created to serve one purpose. 

            Promote to Greek speaking people.You must have heard about the situation in Greece and i am 100% sure that each and every Greek under 35 will embrace it the moment he/she visits it.

The problem is that Greeks are not Crypto-educated. We have to serve it on a plate.And that is what i am doing.I created as a gateway drug for with the Whitepaper translated.2d animated videos in Greek,Success stories and promo events.Also some history on the site and @dantheman and @ned

 Since i could not get an official endorsement i have a disclaimer stating that this is a private effort paid with own funds as a THANK YOU to and steem and that we have no official affiliation with 

 If by any chance someone with authority disagrees with the whole concept, will be taken down by me.This effort will continue to grow and become more organised day by since we are preparing 4 huge promo events in 3 Greek Cities,all in September!

I invite you to visit us and every opinion is welcomed.Also,any possible earnings from this post will be allocated to hire an actual web designer to make the site perfect,proffesionally translate the whitepaper and add some features that we could not do our selves. 

 Special credits are due to   @holidaygreece @skapaneas and @skapart for the translation of the whitepaper. Excellent job Guys,i will do my best to improve it!

I just want to express my gratitude to this community and give back as much as i can,we can all make it work and dont forget,Steemit is powered by STEEM,we have to value steem tokens first

                                            MAKE STEEM HUGE

                                         MAKE   STEEMIT  HUGE

                                                   WE ARE VALUE

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Good to know real steemians are out there

You made it all happen

great work guys!

thanks a lot!

YOU are value

cheetah congratulation on shuting down real people who help

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gogogogogogogogogo great job

he is not a bot,i guarantee that