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Here's that announcement I promised you on Guy Fawkes Day.

Remittio is open for business! It provides a slick way to push your favorite digital currencies directly to your debit card or bank account in just one step.

London-based is our latest independent spinoff -- put together by some names and faces you may recognize from the BitShares and Steemit communities:

enter image description here

Do you have digital currencies and a Visa® or MasterCard® issued from any local bank, ANYWHERE in the world? If you do, Remittio's Load Any Debit Card® platform can assist you. We can load the debit card you currently have in your pocket, no matter where you got it from. Remittio's Load Any Debit Card® platform can load the EXISTING debit card you have in your wallet using Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple, BitShares, Steem, Litecoin, or 40 other Cryptocurrencies!

Using our Pay Any Bank Account® service, you can also send digital currencies to ANY bank account in 180 countries. Your money will be deposited as USD, EURO, CNY, or 19 other currencies directly into your account within 24-48 hours. A small selection of banks below.

enter image description here

The process is refreshingly simple:

enter image description here

We can load just about any Visa or MasterCard on the planet. This includes cards issued from your local bank. We can load Visa logo cards, MasterCard logo cards, reloadable prepaid debit cards, mango money reloadable prepaid debit cards, kaiku reloadable prepaid debit cards, netspend reloadable prepaid debit cards, accountnow reloadable prepaid debit cards, vision premier reloadable prepaid debit cards, greendot reloadable prepaid debit cards, ace elite reloadable prepaid debit cards, walmart money card reloadable prepaid debit cards, upside visa reloadable prepaid debit cards, my vanilla reloadable prepaid debit cards, rush card reloadable prepaid debit cards, paypal prepaid reloadable prepaid debit cards, kpf prepaid reloadable prepaid debit cards, pnc smart access reloadable prepaid debit cards, walgreens balance financial reloadable prepaid debit cards, chase liquid reloadable prepaid debit cards, ready debit gold reloadable prepaid debit cards, meta bank reloadable prepaid debit cards, and just about any other prepaid reloadable debit card that has a Visa or MasterCard logo worldwide.

All of this is accomplished through clever integration
with existing banks, blockchains and licensed service providers.

We never touch your money ourselves.

You can learn more on our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) page.

Coming Attractions

In the spring Remittio will be issuing our own custom debit card for people living in countries that restrict the freedom of their citizens to access third party cards. Integration with BlockPay is in the works.

We currently support most popular digital currencies, but plan to call special attention of all resulting traffic to BitShares and Steemit products and services as the website matures.

enter image description here

Easier and much cheaper ways to use all major digital currencies should help attract traffic and stimulate growth throughout the BitShares / Steemit ecosystem.

Let us know what you think!

Stan Larimer, President
The Godfather of BitShares and Steemit

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Steem_Land tweeted @ 21 Nov 2016 - 18:38 UTC

Remittio - Universal Off-Ramps for BitShares & Steemit
@SteemUps @SteemitPosts @steemit @steemiobot @Beyond_Bitcoin

Disclaimer: I am just a bot trying to be helpful.

Remittio is different from other services like Shapeshift because:

  • You can load a debit card with your crypto with USD and EURO...
  • You can SEPA/SWIFT straight from 44 cryptos to 22 FIAT currencies to banks in 180 countries...
  • You will be able get a debit card issued directly from our mobile wallet q1 2017
  • Our mobile wallet will allow the debit loads and SEPA/SWIFT right from the application itself, no visiting the website.
  • Cut out several steps needed to convert crypto to fiat, as well as eliminate fees for wire xfers
  • You can convert BTS and Steem to CASH
  • We won an Angel's Choice award last year at Web Summit for potential to disrupt
  • We want to help people by eliminating barriers for crypto (and bitshares smart coin/asset adoption and usage).

That can be a game changer for BitShares (for real this time). It would propel BTS market cap AND the attention from the public where it belongs for so long.
In order to achieve that, a proper plan should be put in place.
A vague "we'll try to promote BitShares" won't do a thing. The sooo patient BitShares community has seen it many times from the beginning.
It's not a critic, just an observation. Your priority should be your main business off course ;)

Best of luck with Remittio =]


True. As you can see, we are trying to build it up one sustainable brick at a time rather than announcing our strategic plan all in advance. Each brick will work when we announce it and we will lay no brick before its time.


Peerplays style ! I like it, it showed to be a good way to go !


This is cool, so the BIN on this is wavecrest? I know they were having delays of 7 days or more and some other issues like an inability to deal with USA issued cards when we looked into them last.
Did all of that get worked out then?

Great news !!! Can you give us more details on how BitShares can benefit from Remittio ? Is it gonna be through higher traffic on actual MPA or through creation of new ones ... or something else ?


Well, we've always wanted more on and off ramps for BitShares. So this helps us there.

We thought about limiting the currencies we support to just Graphene-based blockchains, but decided that it made more sense to support ALL the popular coins and use the opportunity to interact with people from many communities as a way to call their attention to what the BitShares Decentralized Exchange can do for them. We still need to design that part of the website but didn't want to hold up going live with the features we already have ready for prime time.


It would be smart you take NO FEES(or discount) for BTS and STEEM transactions OR something like that! That would create enough BUZZ around STEEM & BITSHARES... Many would exchange their cryptos for STEEM & BTS to get the discount !!! So they would get more familiar with our technology/currencies!

$0 + 0% fees or
$10 + 0% fees or
$5 + 1% fees etc...

or something like that ;)


Good to know, thanks ;)

Registered, but as i understand not everything works yet, right?

2 questions:

How do i offer you to add more currencies to accept in the future?

And second (more of a UI thing) - After i log in, top left of the screen, there is a page thing that looks like a page thats listing, its very annoying and hides text + it pops up every second without me hovering over it =)


Thanks for the feedback. We're working to get everything perfect, but believe it is already useful. We will continue to add polish and features and would love to work with our partners to add more currencies.


Loading debit is down for the week due to - API update from our service provider

All transactions will be routed to the SEPA/SWIFT service until it is reinstated.

Accepting additional Crypto? Which would you like to see?

We may change the page corner flip - what style is less annoying? We did not want to do a pop-up, open for suggestions...


Flip style is fine, but it keeps flipping even when you are not hovering directly over it - very annoying ) maybe make it less sensititve

Yes, im talking about crypto, but i was asking in general for the future.


Right now cryptos are all passing through shapeshift, so anything they list or add in the future will be added. We plan on using the service to accept additional currencies as well, so anything they provide will also be added. We may eventually build our own engine for this, but our ORIGINAL intention was to only work with BitShares partners and offshoots to help bring more volume to the BTS family.


Im talking about Graphene-based currency, its just not traded yet

Great spin-off @stan. Having all in one in the graphene ecosystem is a powerfull value proposition. I support the project and will get mine when it's ready. thks

I did send you a LI request just now. I am still learning about all these things, it can be very confusing at times. TY for this post. I am in #Canadastan (:

See what I did there?????? (:


#OICwutudid nice one, I accept all connections :)

Wow, this is great news and exciting development! Congrats and thank you. All for one and one for all! Namaste :)

Michael Taggart aka @michaelx is scammer and liar. Please stay away from this company.

He had a partnership with Banx, scam business that deceived investors and took their money. Remittio was one of the companies that was co-owned with Banx and Taggart. Banx shareholders were promised profits from Remittio.

I am very disappointed with @stan because he still doesn't understand that creating connections between Bitshares/Steem and well-known scam is really really bad for business.


This has nothing to do with Banx.
I know Michael well.
He is pivotal in the future of BitShares.


This has nothing to do with Banx.

Yes it does. Remittio has been owned by Banx. This company has really bad reputation because of it.

I know Michael well.
He is pivotal in the future of BitShares.

Bitshares can't succeed if there are people like Taggart involved. Nobody trusts businesses that are run by well-known scammers.

Sounds like a the website is making false claims.
"We are the only website in the world that can load your Bank Account, Bank Card, Debit Card, or Prepaid Debit Card using 40+ cryptocurrencies!"

What about this then?


Look in the site info, they are a part of our service, we acquired the company. Try not to jump to conclusions without taking a minute to breathe.


Thanks... I thought it was something like that... but there is sooo much info that it was hard to find.

Did just copy pasted ?

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Very good information.. You help me and you follow me @Sandra16 ;)

Followed and voted! You follow me @Sandra16

Think the $10 transaction fee kind of defeats the purpose of freeing money...

My one question is, can I go to a store, purchase a visa branded cash card, and transfer my steem to it?


Yes you can, but you must load it once first using the issuer's normal method to keep them happy. Details are on our FAQ page.


So, if I load it at the store then I can exchange my steem to you and get dollars loaded on the card?