Delegate to my service to earn passive income and Buy upvotes to promote your post(15% profit)

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DELEGATION(check also this post for double earnings 2 spots left for the offer)
If you would like to earn passive income and let all the hard work for me just delegate whatever amount you like to my account.

  • 90% of the earnings will go towards the delegators and 10% towards me(some of this 10% also will be distributed through my regular giveaways and other ones that I may implement in the future). Example: there are 2 accounts that delegated each 90SP account A and 10SP account B, so the total SP is 100SP, so A has 90% and B 10%. Let's say that at the day of the payout I earned 100sbd, 90% of 100sbd goes to delegators=90sbd so account A gets 0.9x90=81sbd and account B gets 0.1x90=9sbd.

  • I will still buy upvotes to promote my posts so it's obvious this won't be included in the payouts(I will disclose the amount and you can verify it on the blockchain).

  • The payout will happen daily manually atleast until I make a bot.


  • Send 0.01sbd(15% profit) with post link in memo(only this amount at first until my upvote gets bigger).

This means that your post will get an upvote of 0.018$---->0.009sbd+0.009real dollars converted to steem

  • I will upvote only when my voting power is above 80%. If you send when it's bellow don't worry when It's gets to 80% I will upvote you.

  • Voting will be done manually at first so if you don't get an instant vote don't panic I will upvote you ASAP. If in case I miss and order communicate with me on the discord: and I will search the blockchain to verify that I owe you an upvote BUT ONLY AFTER A DAY HAS PASSED.

  • Also refunds will happen manually at first so be patient you didn't loose your sbd

How to delegate


  • click on the box that says balances

  • click on the box delegate SP

  • you put the account that you want to delegate to

  • you put your active key. It is on your wallet--->permissions(your active key shouldn't be publist to anyone because your account will be stolen, though steemworld is a trusted site and the community vefied it)

This post will be reuploaded at times in order to advertise the service and update whatever changes

Thank you for your support ;)

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