What Have You Been Doing Max?

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Hello people,

So, I spent two days in a row without posting for the first time.

Today I'm going to tell you just why I did this and tell you what I've been up to.

Short answer is that with the prices of ALL cryptocurrencies in my portfolios going down and me needing to pay my wedding, I had to turn to my "mainstream" work a bit more... but I was also sick so when I was done working the whole day I just wanted to rest.

But, as I've been working really hard I got some pretty cool stuff done, and I'm just finishing another cool project.

So, what have I been doing?

Mainstream Blogging: Here's My Progress

So, one of the things I've been doing is optimizing and promoting my mainstream blog.

I have a blog I've been growing since January that is about:

  1. Pop Culture
  2. Virtual Reality
  3. Cryptocurrency

That blog has been developing nicely... here's the stats for it:

I'm happy that I'm getting the site to grow nicely, and while 378 visitors per day isn't much money-wise, it does give me visibility that my Steem based blog can't compete with.

However, the fact that even with a blog growing this nicely I'm still posting and investing in the STEEM community every day (confirmed by the fact I even felt the need to justify a 2 days hiatus), just shows you how much I believe in this platform.

Here's what my audience looks like:

And here's organic vs paid traffic:

Yeap, I paid $0 so far, so the growth is all organic.

This is my most successful blog, but I have 4 others.

The 4 others are about:

  • Streaming;
  • Fine Wines & Cheese;
  • Technology;
  • Product Reviews;

But I also have other projects I'm working on.

Read below...

YouTube Channels: Still Growing... Slowly

I also have been working on my YouTube channels.

So far I have 3 different channels:

  • One With Shareable Videos (Short Informative Slideshows);
  • One With Gaming Content;
  • One With Spiritual and New Age Content;

I have been working on them, and so far here's how it looks like:


I've made $600 during the last year when combining the 3 of them... Which is pocket money and better than nothing... so I've been working on growing those numbers.

The blogs are growing and giving me the core of my income, but I want to grow this revenue stream as well. It does have potential, although there's a far more lucrative project I'm working on.

Read below...

Mobile Apps and Games: Android Apps

So, if you consider the numbers, I get little income per viewer on YouTube, significantly more income per reader on the blogs, but the place where I have the best ROI is on Android Apps.

I currently have 3 games:

  • A Slots Machine Game;
  • A Card Game;
  • A Spin the Bottle App;

Those are giving me about $0.16 per day each, which is a small number as well, but considering that I only have 1 or 2 installs active on each one since this is my most recent project, I think it has tremendous potential.

I've been working the hardest here, getting deals with more and more app stores and even developing a new game.

I'm developing a Checkers game, medieval tavern style.

I plan on doing a "Tavern Games" suite, with checkers, four in a row, tic tac toe, chess, cards and more - all medieval themed.

The game's development is going well, the coding part is all done and I'm currently developing the art for it.

In Conclusion:

So this is what I've been doing, now you have an insight on what more does Spiritual Max do... since I only teach at the University part time, my full time job is fiddling with the Internet, and that's really what pays the bills.

STEEM is a nice addition to my income streams, but it still doesn't compete - it competes at about $3.5-$4 per SBD.

However, I'm keen on growing this one too, since the key in Internet Marketing and having Internet Projects is to diversify!

Gifts: Anonymous Donor - 5 SBD | @foxyspirit - 3 SBD | @bluntsmasha (1.1 SBD) | @glenalbrethsen (New Donor - Thanks!! 1 SBD) | Anonymous Donor - 10 SBD
Have to Cash Out: 131 SBD
Cashed Out: 1260 USD
Total Wedding Cost: 20,000 USD

Still Missing: 18,740 USD

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Well I once had a super small youtube channel that actually had good growth rates. Yet some personal stuff hindered me from working on the channel and I stopped creating videos. What helped me was the info by Derral Eves. He is giving super good insights of how the youtube algorithm works.

Did you know that not only your watch time will increase your video´s ranking but a viewer continuing to watch videos on youtube? If a viewer watches your video and quits youtube your ranking will be lower. So you want to make sure that a viewer never quits youtube during your video or directly when your video ended. The information box on the top right corner that provides links to other videos is a great tool to throw the hot potatoe to another youtuber ;-)

If you post interesting videos and you adjust these tiny things you should see significantly higher growth. I highly recommend to take some hours and watch Derral´s videos. Here is one example.


Join me in my struggle with alcohol addiction


Yeah I know the guy and I followed him as well when I was getting started! Cool guy, deserved a bigger following.

It's too bad you can't figure out the same numbers for steem. Though I guess it's not as relevant as Vote money. But don't you think you could get more from steem blog anyway? You seem to have more success than many folks already.


The problem is that in STEEM you get money for 7 days and that's it, on my blogs it is autopilot income forever!

How many people are you?
Welcome back!

P.S. Don't miss out on the post I wrote 6 days ago ( about my brother's indie game). I think you'll like it.


I've been so off that I don't know what 6 days ago was, share me the link, even though its past payout now... damn.


I started to wonder what you were up to ;>)
I have been so 'on' that you would have to scroll back quite a lot...

Here you go:

The Best of Two Worlds - Practicing Portuguese by playing my brother's Indie Game

Well done! You should link us to your games. We too are considering something like this. Games, puzzles etc for passive income streams.


Who's we? a Community?


My partner and I. The only 'we' I'm involved in. Lol.

Care to share the links to your blogs and youtube channels?


I like to keep them anonymous... I don't like connecting them to each other or to me. Nothing personal, but it gets even more serious when this is the blockchain and it all sticks forever.



Ok, I was just curious about their content.


I have 4 different content bases:

  • Fine Wines and Cheeses;
  • Entertainment;
  • Spirituality;
  • Pop Culture;


If you can add crypto to your apps and then post it on steemit you might just get more users ;)


Steem Idle - The Incremental Game

You really work hard. This will bring small fruits now and will bring great rewards in the future. This can be called an investment.
Diversification is the best solution. I also have specific goals and strive for it. Work on several projects takes time. But it's worth it. I wish you success!


What are you doing as of now?


I work on the organization of offline business.
Plus - trading on the stock exchange. Long. Trust management.

You're always such a great inspiration for me to work even harder! I admire you're level of motivation and discipline! May all your plans work out the best possible way ;)
All the best,


Thanks for the kind words Klaudia!

My first girlfriend back in the days I was a kid was named Klaudia as well... not intending to mean anything, but just noticing the coincidence as at least here it is a very unusual name. :P

OH so a wedding is coming up!!!!! I guess i've been busy out of steemit so i've been wondering what is up with u..
Do you get a game developer for your games? because if you did it yourself you're crazy talented for a professor! =)


I do the art and design for the games, and hire a programmer... but crazy talented for a professor? Does that mean we teachers aren't normally talented? :P


Ahahahahaahaha..... good one. LOL

regards @spiritualmax,

the project you run is very good, I think you are multi-skill, you are mastering many fields in internet world. do you have a crypto tutorial on your YouTube account?

Cheers ..! 👏

It's tough to build up an online income through blogging alone, but it can be done! Keep up the good work and wishing you good luck!


I've made it, it pays more than my ex-job, but it definitely is capable of scaling bigger.

Medieval themed games are always interesting. I would like to see how it goes. Looking at the banners you've made, I think the art part will be amazing. Hit me up when the games are a go ^_^

Damn, that's impressive to get near 400 uniques a day. Keep it up
@spiritualmax that's really fantastic in that short of time :)


Thanks, are you a mainstream blogger as well?

Hope you reach your goal soon!
You should teach me more about affiliate marketing, it's starting to get my attention

Hey @spiritualmax... I was wondering how you've been and glad I stumbled on this blog of yours. I am glad to see you haven't given up and are just working on various projects. Just wanted to stop and say "hi" and if I can do anything for you, please let me know!