STEEM Trading Card Game: Special Dolphin Nomination Round

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Another nomination round for my weekly Steemit Trading Card game, now a day late thanks to the fact my keyboard was destroyed yesterday and I had to buy a new one, so I couldn't post.

If you know someone you want immortalized in my usual style, then make sure they respect the prerequisites mentioned below and nominate them - alternativelly, nominate yourself!

(Taken from the 1st Edition Post)

This week I reduced the amount of SP needed to be featured, so I called it the Dolphin edition.

10 nominations will be accepted by order of arrivel.

Here are the rules for this week's nomination round:

Here are the Rules for the Nominations:

This week, I am demanding Dolphis to meet these requesites:

  • Over 5,000 Steem Power
  • Over 60 Reputation

So, with this week's prerequisites being lower, nominate some Steemians you usually can't nominate, so between the 5K and 10K interval.

You can also nominate people with over 10K SP, but never someone with less than 5K.

Here are the nominations so far:

1 - @flauwy (nominated by me)
2 - @fulltimegeek (nominated by me)
3 - @wwf (nominated by me)
4 - @abh12345 (nominated by @maverickinvictus)
5 - @ejemai (nominated by @golddeejay
6 - @dexter-k (nominated himself)
7 - @canadian-coconut (nominated by @wwf)
@boxcarblue (nominated by @rt3958 -
9 -


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Ha, love this game!

Hehehe. every week another fresh batch!

I'd like to 2nd the @fulltimegeek nomination as in my opinion, he is the King of Steemland due his unparalleled vision and kindness towards so many members of the community!

He recently delegated to me, so I know the kindness first hand.


Yes I saw when I produced this weeks stats, welcome to the gang 😁

I recommend @abh12345 Asher the numbers guy haha

I checked he hasn't been featured so Sarge can't get back on me on this one!

Approved and nominated :D

Who's this numbers guy you speak of? :D

I am nominating @ejemai for this one. I have done a lot of working carrying a lot of people especially from Nigeria with him. He organised meet ups, build hubs, organising and honouring steemit initiatives and presentation.

I don't know him directly but I have been observing his work on and off I have seen and heard many people especially from Nigeria say good things about him.

Approved! @ejemai will be immortalized in card form :D

  ·  last year (edited)

Yay, I am nominated!

Here for your design:


I nominate @elear - founder of Utopian!

Thanks for the resource. @elear is the man, but not enough SP, and I cant make exceptions :/

I would like to nominate @canadian-coconut!

Approved, of course! Nice choice, will enjoy making her card.

I do believe you were going to nominate me as well my friend. :)

You're very right! I knew I was forgetting about someone! Last week I forgot about @flauwy :D Fixed both mistakes now.

OOOOOOHHHH!!!! ME ME ME!!! I nominate myself!!! I mean, I'm not famous here or anything, but I've been around quite a while. Also have you done @whatsup yet? Can I also nominate @whatsup?

Approved! One nomination per person :P

its SO cool what you're doing here, I LOVE IT!!! I nominate @luzcypher who is the epic fiery beast who runs the openmic community here on steemit. This community is hands DOWN my favourite creative community on the blockchain and has supported SO many musicians and songwriters (including myself) and massively improved a lot of peoples confidence and inspired so many to pick up their instruments again. Luz puts in SO much work. The man is a bonafide LEGEND

Hey man! I'm glad you loved it!
This nomination round already ended and I posted all of the cards already, but this week, Thursday, another nomination post takes place.
Stay tuned and make your appearance :D

I have plenty of friends on that community!

love this idea man! Your cards are so awesome.

Im glad you like it, I have to do one for you some day... you should have nominated yourself :p

I nominate @wwf he features alot here and just because his name sounds closer to wwe my fave to watch when young lol

He has nothing in common with WWE , but as you can see in the list I already nominated him :p


@boxcarblue for sure.

Accepted! @boxcarblue will be immortalized!

Cheers for another round of successful nominations! If i could nominate anyone, i would nominate the entire Crypto Empire community just for the support they provide to everyone (and not kicking my ass or demoting me for trolling :-D)

I did not forget about my promise to make a Crypto Empire edition :D

Excellent mate!

Looking forward to seeing your new cards!

Perhaps in the future a good idea would be join 2 characters into one? So we could see something like this haha:


That's actually a pretty funny thought.... would have to photoshop an avatar for it though... could be fun if fusing a female with a male.

Something that I really can't let go; how did your keyboard get destroyed? I'm picturing ways this can happen, and I'm wondering if I've come up with the right one yet. Please satisfy my curiosity. Thanks

My cat sat on it for a long period of time when I was away, some keys now didnt work any longer...

Ooohooo this is going to be exciting. ^^

Sure will :D

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