Boring Crypto: Would Prices Please Move?

in steemit •  8 months ago

I'll voice what people are all thinking these days:


We all knew 2018 would be a hard year to begin with, but it was everyone's oppinion that the end of 2018 would be even better than the end of 2017... or so people thought.

Well, that remains to be seen, but one thing is for sure, we're experiencing a LONG bout of boring market, moving sideways in values that are not too low for people to mass buy and not too high for people to mass sell.

We're just... threading!

This affects all of us in many ways, and the STEEM ecosystem isn't an exception here.

Heck, I'm no exception either. I reached the conclusion that these months have been taking a toll on everyone.

Here's the Oppinion of one of the Fastest Growing Steemians ever:

So, those who know me also know that my progress on STEEM has been massive, I'm proud of it since I consider myself a good example of someone who is still not even 7 months old...

...but I'm not the guy I'm talking about right now.

There's a Steemian out there that also did pretty good... he was on the Trending Page every day at one point, or so it seemed on my feed, and he also managed to get 4000+ followers and a rep of 64 with less than a year under his belt.

I'm talking about @ilyastarar.

I've voiced my concern about how I was starting to lose my drive in STEEM for various reasons, which means a lot since I am one of the guys who is more motivated to work in this blockchain.

Here we have @ilyastarar, a guy who is also highly motivated and, again, topped the trending page several times in his short stay, reaching a following number bigger than mine by about 2000 people, sharing my opinion.

You can check his post on his own STEEM absence here:

Now, as you can see, this boring market is getting to us ALL. Even the most motivated individual can fall prey to this market AND to the fact that STEEM has no automatic signups, hardfork 20, communities and so on out yet...

...or any meaningful communication about it.

But what's the key point?

The Key Point Is... We're Still Here!

But what's the key point?

We're still here!

We can feel battered, we can feel tired, we can feel frustrated about the lack of progress from the blockchain, or feel down because the prices are sharing that sentiment...

...but one thing doesn't change.

Our belief that STEEM still has a lot of cards to give out, and that our position and stake here is VALUABLE!

We may need a bit more resting time, we may be feeling a bit phased off, but we keep on returning, we keep on commenting, we keep on delegating, we keep on doing our part.

The key point is... no matter how down you feel, don't give up... keep doing your part!


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Yeah, it has been a little boring. I’ve stopped even watching the prices of anything anymore. I’m fully invested and just waiting out the next few years to see what happens.

A lot of people are doing a lot of day trading right now, which I think is a way to earn some short term profits if you’re good at it. Me, I’m just letting time take care of it all. I know that even if I didn’t quite buy at the bottom (I didn’t) I also didn’t buy at anywhere near what will be the top. So time to just focus on something besides profit and trust that time will take care of the profits.

i love steeeeeem

my tip make a habit of not checking conemarketcap every day.
just do my normal steemt time. but it has gone down mostly on real life time. but ciping away...:)

Honestly speaking, all we need is week or two full of double digit green in the market before things start happening. Except EOS, almost every solid project is suffering from lack of volume in the market. I think we will get there soon. A little uptick today has been encouraging.

And thanks a lot for the mention. I just got here from Gina notification. Also, I read @steemitblog post shared by Steem blockchain team. It was very helpful in making perspective a bit positive for me.

Steemit sure beats most of the alternatives! Facebook charges me to share my art, on Steemit I get paid to share my art. Nuff said lol

Good post! I've been running a 2018 $1,000 Top Ten crypto experiment since January 1st, blogging about it monthly here on Steemit. For me, it's been less sideways and one long continuous bleed, with April as the only really positive blip. I've been down on the $1k as much as 62%, now probably hovering around 40% loss, although I'm due an update in a few days.

We'll see what happens - I won't sell to stay true to the experiment. Like you say, 2018 is definitely not 2017 so far, although I like to remind myself that the first 4 or 5 months in 2017 were pretty flat as well, before the market really began to pick up steam mid 2017, then exploded at the end of the year. We'll see what the rest of 2018 holds!

Resonates. I was just thinking the same thing then came over to catch up with you and saw this blog. Like you said, the important thing is, we're still here! In times past when it became real sluggish I was always so happy that I stayed the course 'specially when things turned around.

There's something that scares the hell out of me about Steemit and it's the fact that this is still a "baby" platform, and problem like this can kill it. Youtube, for example, is big enough to be safe from a sudden death. Steemit is not. And things like this can, easily, kill the platform, if we all get frustrated and the market keeps this boring.
That's why we should treasure Steemit as no other platform, and stay here even when things look a bit problematic. We can't let it die :/


that could indeed happend

hope we wont have to witness is. we all put so much work into building our presence here.

Indeed it's very boring right now.

Yet another post worth my little upvote.


very helpful

I like single-minded people. I wish you to move towards your goal, not thinking about profit, then she will come to you. This is the law of karma )

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