A New Project Was Launched: Here’s What @Dustsweeper Does!

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Hello everyone,

Today I’m writing about @dustsweeper, a project by @danielsaori and our friend @davemccoy.

This project tackles the same issue I wrote about a couple of days ago about the dust threshold in voting and how votes with less than about $0.02 in rewards aren’t usually paid out.

You can check that post here:

Post About Dust Problem.

So, if you want to see that problem solved, this article is just the thing for you.

Read below and start using this great new project.

The @Dustsweeper Bot Gets You Paid:

Well, usually bots are a bad thing on here, but that is because people usually use algorythms to game the system.

This time, the bot’s programming is being used to automate something good, like some other “good” bots like @patrice’s crew of spam fighting machines and a few others I can think of.

Here’s what the bot does on your behalf:

• If you have a vote worth something below $0.0249, @dustsweeper is alerted on the payout’s day.

• After this is done, it gives you an upvote so you rise above the treshold and get your pay out.

It’s that simple!

But we all know voting power doesn’t grow on trees, so how will the bot be maintained?

@Dustsweeper’s Fees:

One thing I’ve read in the bot’s original post was that you don’t have to pay any membership fees, which is nice.

For the record, you can check the bot’s original post here:

Dustsweeper Post

Now, what you do have to fork up is $0.014 SBD for each vote you get from dustsweeper, which is roughly half of the upvote.

A rule of thumb is 1 SBD = 71 votes.

The system knows you need peace of mind, so you’ll get warned when your balance is low, so you can just make the transfers and get to work without even thinking about it.
The SP for the voting is being delegated so far by @danielsaori (1000SP) and @davemccoy (200SP).

In Conclusion:

What we have here is a nice little tool anyone can use to make sure even the little votes matter, and that you can get paid by the votes cast by minnows in this platform.

Heck, even plankton!


Gifts: Anonymous Donor - 5 SBD | @foxyspirit - 3 SBD | @bluntsmasha (New Donor, Thanks!! 1.1 SBD)
Have to Cash Out: 131 SBD
Cashed Out: 1260 USD
Total Wedding Cost: 20,000 USD

Still Missing: 18,740 USD

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Thanks for spreading the word @spiritualmaxI You're awesome! :)


No problem man! Already am using it myself!

It was awesome when Dave and Daniel talked about the project and what its purpose it and how it works.

I got my first dust threshold boost earlier from a comment I made upvoted by someone


cool then we now its working a have not goten one yet :)


I already topped up my account as well!

This is this kind of intiative that we have to see on steemit.
It's nice to see @danielsaori and @davemccoy doing this for the community.


Did you top it up already?


Yes I did.
There are a lot of dust votes I get that need to be dusted.

Thank you for posting on this @spiritualmax. I have seen it mentioned a few times on Discord, but no details. It's nice to know where to go and what to do now :)


No problem man, enjoy the new revenue stream :D

Cheers for pointing this out buddy!

It's without a doubt one of the best bot initiatives I've seen so far

Have a great day!


Thanks man, have a great day as well!

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