FREE Byteball Airdrop to Steemians Ranging from $10 - $160 !

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Yooo steemians , Byteball is giving away byteball on their release of their wallet with many new bots, for all those steemians with reputation 30 and above!

Now you can follow these easy steps here and if you are unsure , feel free to drop a comment !

Keep Being active on steem and enjoy your rewards!

  Step 1 : Download the wallet here ,  

  When installing remember to select a single address wallet.

 Step 2 : After installing click receive ,  Copy your address and comment down below and i will send you 60,000 bytes. 

Step 3 : Follow the steps here

And Enjoy your byteballs! 

Here's the list of the amount that you are eligible !

                              ByteBall rewards to Steemian users  

  1.  Steemians Reputation with 30  to 39 :  $10 Airdrop Reward 
  2.  Steemians Reputation with 40  to 49 :  $20 Airdrop Reward 
  3.  Steemians Reputation with 50  to 59 :  $40 Airdrop Reward 
  4.  Steemians Reputation with 60 to 69 :  $80 Airdrop Reward 
  5.  Steemians Reputation with 70  and above  :  $160 Airdrop Reward 

Cheers everyone ! Stay Tuned for more foodie adventures on my next post! 



Thanks bro , i have just sent 60,000 bytes go check it ! And follow step 3 and do update me once you are done!

Thank you for your help. I followed the instruction and got the reward of around 300 million bytes.

Thats worth roughly $38 ~ $40 depending on the price , u can secure your byteball wallet by using a password, but basically it's tied to your device address -- like your wallet location , you can also go to Settings , Backups , Full Backup , which is recommended =D Thanks bro!

Not bad. Yes i like to secure all my wallets. Thanks. Will do

Plise sir

Hi, i have sent , please follow step 3 and get your rewards! Do let me know once you are done thanks!

@spikykevin more articles will be?

Oh you mean on my next posts?

There you go sir

hi bro, i have sent 60,000 bytes! Now go to step 3 !

Done :
please explain the last step procedure so i make it right

ok , once you have downloaded the wallet , click Chat , Bot Store, Steem Attestation Bot , copy the receive address - refer to my picture on top , then paste on the chat , click the steemconnect link that the bot sent , type public , Click " Payment Request 49000 bytes " and you are done !

Here is me

sent! do let me know when you get your rewards!