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RE: New to Steem Series #1: My Number 1 Rule - Secure Your Owner Key. Failure to Adhere to This Rule Results in Massive Loss.

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hi @gaman. I really want to secure my account after the first three days of using it wrong.
But the master key that shows in my wallet is already different from the one I got the first day.
Does this mean my account is already compromised?


now I understand that what you see on the page is some sort of cover for the key.

Is the master key unchangeable? just the one you get for life, or is it to be changed.
It must be able to be changed, otherwise the thief couldn't lock one out. But I don't seem to have any option to change it.
I am still pretty confused, although I am certainly going to log out and then log back in with the posting key.
thanks for that much of a kick in the pants.

I finally got it together, have a new owner password, and am logged in with only posting key. Thanks for stirring me into action on this one.
It may be worth doing a more detailed post, although I am sure on exists somewhere.

You can create a post and share it with us!

lol, so much time has gone past that I have probably forgotten how to do it.