Have you ever had took a pause in posting on Steemit? How long was it?

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Yes, i did. I joined steemit about 11 months ago but i wasn't active on steemit for 11 months. When i joined steemit, I didn't know anything about steemit and i started copy/pasting type of stuffs. When i was getting no reward from it i got hopeless and left posting. I wasn't on steemit for around 1 month. This was the longest pause for me. At that time i researched on steemit and learned a bit and then i again returned and started posting.

By this time i have learned many things and knew about many community like utopian-io. I always tried to continuously post on steemit. In this time i took pause also but none of my pause was as long as my starting pause. Most of the break was only for 3 to 7 days as i had some important work in my real life or for my exam or i had to travel anywhere or left posting for some days being sad seeing crypto market down.

In our working life everyone should take pause from their work for a while. It will help continuing long in that work. In my case if i hadn't took the long pause at the starting i might not be here as that pause helped me in researching and seeing others work.

This is the end of my blog. Thanks for your time to read my blog.

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Hi! I took pause for 1 or 2 weeks when I was traveling in far corners of my motherland. I wish to make maybe more long pause, but my SP is still small. So I need to post every day to grow up my account.

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Your aim should be quality not quantity.
Take time to post one quality post rather than low quality post everyday.

It was just one day... :))) when I did not post .


Haha, seems you post frequently. But pausing work for a while and reviewing your previously done works may help you doing better in future.


YEs... I know ... But I try every day make photos... :)


Ah, i see. That's great.


Yes... it is not easy ... but I like it and it is fun :)

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Well said.......