Please help me! If I have a STEEM brain key how could I convert it into password?

in steem-help •  2 years ago

I need to recover my keys for another account created directly in cli_walled.

In the time of account creation I use the command

suggest_brain_key - wich gives me a 16-words brain key and active role wif_priv_key

Then I used this wif_priv_key to start STEEM PoW mining. After I found my first PoW block I get a new account activated with 1 STEEM in SP balance.

Well, it's OK and quite simple process.

But currently I stuck with a problem: I need another keys (owner, posting and memo) for that new account.

There is a command in cli_walled program to recover the private keys: get_private_key_from_password but this command requires password, not a brain key.

How could I convert STEEM brain key into the password to recover keys?

Any suggestions?

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The same issue with 2nd account created through mining.

When an account is created through mining, all keys are the same. They would have to be manually updated. If you did not update them then you need to recover your account ASAP.


Yes, thank you @roadscape! I figured it out!

I was able to change posting key with the cli_wallet command:

update_account_auth_key account_name posting STM884pLqzhwjpS7MotzfH2iXppnoBtaXQvN8uLBt1t99eShvKgCK 1 true

The same command used to remove previouse posting key from the account - you have setup weight to that key to zero:

update_account_auth_key account_name posting STM6xDB2hRiH8rFT75oidwmk4hVKyvRbyrfHtJpmMKewEVDBkzG58 0 true
This is required to be able to login to site with new posting key. You will not able to login on if you have more then one posting keys.

Please note: regarding Issue 172 if someone uses a string other than owner, active, or posting for the authority type argument of the update_account_auth_key CLI command, it will silently treat the authority type as if it was owner.

To change memo key use update_account_memo_key instead.


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