Campaign to get SBD listed on Binance

in steemit •  2 years ago 

Please Resteem and get the word out that Steemit Users want SBD (STEEM Dollars) listed on Binance.

Steem SBD5.png

We need @ned to fill out the form

This link requires a Google sign in:

Once Signed In, the following form needs to be filled out:

Resteem this post let everyone know we want SBD listed on Binance!

What else can you do? I recommend to go over to @binanceexchange and politely suggest that you want Binance to list SBD. Please let Binance know that it is important to you and the Steemit community.


For a breakdown of how Steemit Rewards system works:

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Thanks a lot my dear friend for sharing this important information

thanks @socky

My dear friend . i miss you so much .i have not been online for a couple of weeks .hope evrrything is going well. Weldone my dear for your immeasurable effort to grow this platform , i am deeply impressed by your effort.more grease to your elbow.

I'm still around. Glad to see you returning.

Yes,smart advice

Good information, upvote and resteem

Good work dude, thanks for sharing and more grace to your elbow

This is important information. people should know.

thanks for sharing such type of news.
@resteem done

steem is such a good project and steemit is way betterthan shit facebook. i hope bianace list it soon in this quatar 2

I think Steem platform is better than Facebook because in order for Facebook to be on top in the market and earnings, they must sell information. Facebook also has a specific theme which they lock themselves into. Steem can create their own facebook theme if wanted. The sky is the limit.

The difference with Steem and other coins is Steem is not widely available on other exchanges. I believe the value of Steem is held down because of this. Why is Steem/SBD not widely available? My theory is that it has to do with the fact most exchanges require significant payment to list a coin. I feel Steemit CEO and developers do not wish to make the payments and instead allow STEEM to be an underdog in which popularity drives the need rather than paying their way into an exchange. I personally believe that the payments should be made to accelerate the growth of STEEM.

good job friends success continues

Good idea, upvote and resteem

How long have you been doing this @socky?

It would be a definite positive move to get SBD on Binance. You would think it would help increase the value of SBD in the long run also.