Is there an upvote imbalance?

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In the past I have always looked for a place to read awesome content. Steemit has been satisfying this craving. I'm sure others are tired of pointless posts on other social sites and want to read more meaningful posts.

Steemit is slowly creating a wonderful niche where folks can come and share their stories and receive some steem power for it. Yet, as I read the various content, a little question has been building in my mind.

Why is the reward per upvote different from one post to another?

I could dismiss this question and think it's part of Steemit. I can also realize there are "whales" on here that can determine if you stay a minnow or move up. I giggle at the thought of someone, behind a keyboard, speaking out loud,

"I shall grant you passage to becoming a dolphin"

while clicking on their mouse button. On a side note, I love my imagination. It keeps me entertained when things around me are boring. Anyways, back to the topic.

Is there is an imbalance of how folks are being paid for their posts? There are many examples currently on Steemit that I believe reflect this imbalance.

This post received $637 and 321 upvotes. That's $1.98 per upvote.

This post received $3K and 362 upvotes. That's $8.28 per upvote.

Was the other post so much better that it justifies six dollars more per upvote than the other? I read both and each one was great. But I didn't read anything that made think, wow this one definitely deserves way more money than the other. I see a lot of other example as I browse around Steemit.

What is your opinion on this? Do you think there is an imbalance? What should be done to solve it?

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Your vote weight depends on how much steem power you have. People with millions of steem power can increase a post from 0$ to a few 100$, so it depends which people voted on. Overtime the power ill get diluted and system more fair because whales are cashing out but it will take some time, meanwhile I suggested that we create user promoted content to give a chance to everybody , you can read more about it here

Thanks for the comment. I'll check it out!