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Just like last time, I'm holding a contest to pick the codename for our mobile app.

On the app stores and stuff it will be known as Steemit, just as this website is known as However, the software that runs this website is called condenser (because it makes steem visible - get it?) and was named by @pfunk, winning him a cool thousand STEEM-backed cents.

Our mobile app has been codenamed mbl (clever, eh?) and now that we're setting up proper CI and CD in anticipation of a release, we need a decent name!

Same rules as last time: ONE THOUSAND STEEM-backed cents as prize money, I'm the sole judge of the entries, and I'll pick a winner in about a week. Leave your submissions in the comments, and comment/enter as many times as you'd like.

Preferred: pronounceable words or names 20 characters or less.

Averse: initialisms and abbreviations, multi-word names, et c.

It should be clear and unambiguous without spaces or capitals or punctuation, as it will end up at<your name here>.

Good luck, and thank you!

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Steemy McSteemface (sms for short)




you are really good at this


a winrar is you! enjoy your cool thousand steem backed cents! 💓


Nice, thank you


The correct answer is 100% obvious.

The app should be called


(steem spelled backwards)


thats genious!

  1. turbine
  2. cogeneration - (combined heat and power (CHP) is the use of a heat engine or power station to generate electricity and useful heat at the same time.)
    (Source: wikipedia)
  3. Celsius100 (boiling point of water - 100 degrees celsius)
  4. Superheater (Superheaters - used in steam turbines for electricity generation)



Firebox is the name of a part of a Steam Engine

"The firebox. The firebox is where the fire is built and maintained. ..."


@roadscape suggested troll2go and the combination reminded me of “trollbox” which would also be appropriate :)


Trolls will either be powerless on steemit or they will become more powerful than ever ..... I think we already have a few cases of Trolls with high steempower, Whale trolls, but the large amounts of money tend to change people and make them a little more... Serious? I think it matures most people, makes them a il more responsible as they realizd how much power they have, and becauyse of that phenominon that i have witrnessed on steemit and experienced personally myself, I have a lot of confidence inthe self righting aspects of steemit, hopw it runs itself! how the users will self regulate it, godamn its so awesome, and im sure being on steemit since day 1 you must have a very unique relkationship with steemit! You know what it realy is so it must be hard foir you to amke leaps of faith like i can

someone like me can just make a crazy leap of faith and say steem will go to $1000 and for you i know you knopw how crazy that is and how much growth there would need to be and basically you hear $1000 steem and you must be thinking of all the potentially millions of man hours you would need to get steem to that point! Thyere is so much woerk to be done and i bet when youre on that end of steemit you have to be more serious and stoic abouit it, but justr know rthat many of us are seeing Steemit in an almost religious sense, many actuay do see Steem as the fulfillment of their prayers to God to send them help financially, and so we should be careful but also take advantage of this almost spiuritual quality steemit has taken. and it is because of the genoristy and compassion of steemit that people see the whole God thing in steemit, the people here are so helpful to those in need and so people see steemit as one of these things that seems to only be doing good and no bad! Sure someone could end up loosing sleep over being addicted to steemit maybe and it could inrtefere with someones life, like any websiute, but at least steemit pays you so you could potentially upgrade your real physical 3d life using the time u spent on steemit to earn steem and sell for bitcoin/Fiat cash and even pay the rent like i do with your steem earnings!

I feel a great surge in the force, a LOT of minds getting into steem, many whales buying large amounts before the price goes up past $2 and they cant get steem as cheap as they did,wooooo i cant WAIt to experience the rest of 2017 and 2018 as steem just starts going to $5 then $10 then $20 next year XD oooh its gonna be epic and it will be thanks to all the hard work at steemit inc and this steemit App will REALY get the fire going! Thanks for your service to steem blockchain sneak! Steemit has really changed my life for the better ad has given me real purpose and more importantly i found steady income which is something i struggled with for years since its hard for me to get a job with my tourettes, So I really apreciate steemit!



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Jk, I go with droplet. As steam condenses, it becomes visible as a mist of water droplets. Droplet is a little viewport of Steem through your mobile phone screen. Everyone has a droplet on their phone, and together we all make up Steem.

I'm going against the apparent grain here a bit. But taking a page out of our international appeal, I would suggest:


Filipino word meaning Steam.

I looked at some other countries and their comparable words:

Zhegqi - Chinese
Dampf - German
Vapor - Spanish

There were others, but of the top languages represented on Steem that I am aware of, Singaw seems to slip off the tongue the most easily.

Good luck with this competition! It's an important one!





dude speaking of jet engines why not call the app "Turbine" like a 'steem turbine" the App will be like the turbine condensing hot vapor (Users) through the blades of the blockchain, or something like that!


lol... maybe 'exzaust pipe' would be catchy




any cloud name.

  1. cirrus
  2. stratus
  3. cumulus kinda rolls off the tongue. I like that one.

some suggestions:
Carrier - you can carry steem everywhere

boiler - because a boiler was a steam generator (in many cases mobile), and because it is a well match for the condenser

I think STEEMIT is just so perfect for it!

Boiler - turns "wet steam" into "superheated steam".

Gives Steem something extra?


Hey @fisteganos hey u should talk to @tj4real and @richforever about Steemit Africa and steemit Ghana and Nigeria team west africa, and check out my idea, u are close with boiler,

i looked up the parts of an old steam engine, and the FIREBOX is where they keep the fire going,

we should name the app FIREBOX and use an image of the firebox of a steem engine with the steemit logo with FIRE underneath maybe even soime sort of simple steem boiler and turbine or piston or just a boiler creating steem maybe a piston mechanical arm reaching into the screen icon image, but yeahjust i think FIREBOX would be SO cool, i hope fiorebox is not already taken

wow i just think FIREBOX sounds the BEST i hope @sneak sees this and knows about the name firebox i just feel so passionately about this name and if they dont use it here i will be sure to find a good application for this name Firebox to be used on Steemit!!!! Il find a home for the name Firebox on Steemit somewhere!!!!


The app will be called Steemit; this is just the codename for the app so that when we discuss the software comprising the app then people know what we are talking about.


Thanks for the info, any sneak peak into this inner world of steemit is appreciated, the smart token announcement seems to have pushed price of steem up to $1.50 from around $1 just a few days ago and i have been telling people that the new updates to steemit will make steem price go up! SMT smart media tokens are the community issued assets you were talking about right? And the steemit app and community issued assets AND the subreddit style communities will all finally come out and become the upgrades people have been asking for.....

.....most cryptocurrencies dont have the type of website and community Steemit has!

Pretty much NO other coin connects its users like the way steemit connects all of the steem users together! Bitcoin doesnt have any system like steemit neither does ethereum none of them do, im sure a few small systems exist like Ark or Augur that have a type of social network that links users of the coin together with messages and posts and social network infrastructure but Steemit actually does what it promises, the whole social media coin idea seems like one of those cool ideas that can never really be done in practice but the fact that they DID create steemit and the fact that it is running and growing should mean a LOT to anyone who studies new technologies ...... steemit is something that you cannot compare to anything else! you cannot just compare it to Facebook or reddit or bitcoin, it's a brand new type of website and blockchain its just a brand new type of decentralized community and even without the money aspect, if steem tokens were designed to NOT be exchanged for dollars, if steem was just like karma but transferable and we just setup steemit as a way to get around censorship, then steemit would STILL be impressive!

Wow we are so lucky to get to be a part of steemit while steem is only around $1 , because just the financial windfall will be enough to change many lives, but those who hang on to their steem will only benefit more and more as time goes ion....steem is a world changing Website/App/Blockchain whatever you want to classify it will change the] world like facebook or Bitcoin did but even faster just like how China or Africa or India developed much faster because the newer technology like smartphones is already available for them, well with steemit because social media is already popular and because bitcoin is also already popular we will start to see steemit become popular at an accelerated rate, as if Facebook and bitcoin did a lot of the hard work, metaphorically loosening the ketchup bottle, but Steemit will pop it right off!!!!! XD XD

Steemit has a very excited dedicated user base that only grows and grows and grows! And as more people save steempower and just refuse to powerdown and sell steem, the price of steem just starts to steadily go up and up and up!

Bottle; because once steam is made visible by condenser, people need a way to carry it about with them so why not put the visible steam in a bottle?


Good to see you here @fisteganos how is Steemit Africa going? I ahve seen MANy succesful african steemit users who are using Africa as their niche! it is very heart warming for us western users to see Africans getting on steemit and using steem to improve their ioves, it is the main gioal of steemit! so we wanna see big steemit billbaords all over Africa one day very soon! we should start making posts to raise money for small open air advertising, big steemit signs maybe even hand painted! but we should start puttingf themup all over big african citiues and even small villages just hand made hand painted steemit logos with words "Make money blogging, " or something we will work on the slogan something simple that will allow Africans to immediatly understand that Steemit lets you make money by posting stuff online, we will make it clear somehow, and we can even just have it say "Make Money online Earn Bitcoins using Social Media" or something like that

ahyway good to see yopu here in teh commenst! steemit App wiull be INCREDIBLE! I think fireBox will be a god name but i already told you that! XD Im getting these comments mixed up!

Adding a photo would be really better for your post ;P


I don’t include photos unless I have a meaningful/relevant one. I think dropping in generic clip-art or stock photos is dumb.




My entry is "Leak" letting Steem escape and go public for worldwide consumption and mobility.


ahh yes steemit leaks or SteemiWeaks or Steemileaks or SteemyLeeks or Steamyleeks or Steemleaks yeah that one will be where journalists come to upload senetive data like how @shadowbrokers does that account is CRAZY

A hacker group would of coirse wanna use steemit to upload updates,, noone can kick them off the network only flag em and flagging em just would make them possibly more popular anyway tthis place is about to get SUPER interesting

I REALLY forsee a future where the whole wikileaks things creates a HUGE probolem for steemit developers who will need to find a way to decentralize steemit inc or disband the company and have steem blocckhain and on Autopilot eve if we have to access steemit through Tor or something we shoiuldnt let the government pressure people to force the witnesses to take down material even for DMCA copyright claims, i would hate to see an example of steemit censoring and actualy removing content , i can see the government tryingf to bully steemit inc to doing this, dunno if we coudl solve this by witness nodes in other countries, dunno fo the US government would allow steemit to claim they just cant take down material because they dont own the rights to control data on their own site, it will get REALLy hairy, i dont wann athink about it, i just know we will have steem to pay laweers hahaha we will use new steem to pay for legal battles etc it will get crazy! i hope steem can stay more and more decentralzied to avoid these problems!

I forsee a fiuture where the trump administration has bigger fish to fry

i believe steemit will stay off the governments radar for many manyt years

we should have nothing to worry bout and everything to be excited for! im glad i typed out that scenario in my head about the idea of steemit haviong trouble of someone like edwared snowden chooses steemit instead of wikileaks to upload classified information for example and the US federal government for example ordered steemit to take down the data, well if steemit doesnt have the private keys all they can do is flag it right? maybe the government will see the flaggihing as good enoiugh HAHA theyll believe that "removes" the information but they might demand an actual takedown, damn all this in more! stay tuned! i cant imagine the complications steemit will go throughw hen someone starts uploading classified qwhistleblowing data to steemit

But it will just make steemit SUPEWR exciting AND ddraw in MILLIONS of new users interested in free speech, MILLIONS of new steemit users wil join us if we can uphold free speech!


I only had a few minutes earlier but I came back and read over your response again, and I love the way that you think! You are so right about all of the possibilities that this platform would be perfect for! If this could truly stand as a place for freedom of speech that was untouchable and untraceable by world Governments it could really open up the possibility for some huge tell all blogs.


Leek is a nice variation! :)



due i swear I thought up "turbine" before I even saw your post , but i KNEW someone was already going to submit this but i did independently come up with turbine on my own, also we should think about the names of other parts of Steam Engines

Main parts of a steam locomotive. 1 - chimney; 2 - dome; 3 - smokebox; 4 - boiler; 5 - firebox; 6 - cab; 7 - tender; 8 - cylinder; 9 - driven wheels; 10 - non-driven wheels; 11 - connecting rods and valvegear

OHHH Now I know why @inertia talks about "piston" for steem ahh ahaha



Motile, because it's mobile and it's moving steemit ahead!!


Mappy - because it has "app" in there, it has an M just like Mobile and SteeM(!), and cos it will lead the way...something to that effect.


ehh sounds way too much like a map app but good effort! XD Steemit App will change evrything and bring us millions of new users fast and make steemit price rise to $2 then $5 then $10 fast after many new uusers will find out ABOPUT steem from rteh app, and then end up investing a lot into steempower to try and "play the game" which will get us MANy new investors, oh MAN will the price raise! rhe price will go up a lot and we will see a ot of new authors new stars new AMAING content creators

the leve of content on steemit the quality OOOOHWEEE will it skyrocket!


Go with STEEMIPLY because it makes steem visible, and mutiply,

Steem power ranger .. spr :) (yuup) lol

prism - because it lets steemit shine in all its beautiful colors

Thanks J

I think the name "mobile" would be the best choice ( That would allow new contributors instantly understand what it is. Also, "mobile-app" sounds another good choice. That's how github directories are generally named.

I'll go with
or maybe

How about - 'steemdreem?'

"the Vent" a way to Channel the Steem


Another simple name for this software could be "Pump" because water is removed from a condenser and returned to the steam generator by the feed pump.


smart Steem


Briefly and remembered because the lowercase letter at the beginning.



container - a portable container for steem

I tought about Boiler/BoilR but since on github it's already taken I suggest

BlogMApp = Blogging Money App or Block2MoGen = Blockchain Mobile Money Generator


pogo - post on the go






You if anyone gets to name it but there is already a company called Valve who makes a product called Steam which I like and respect very much and I wish to very diligently avoid any brand confusion between our two platforms.

Unfortunately, we can’t touch this name.

Condenser on the desktop is stationary, but mobile is mobile. So one of:


Alternatively, playing off of "proof of brain":

First option "absorver":

Adsorption is the adhesion of atoms, ions, or molecules from a gas (such as steam) into a surface.

  • Steem get condensed into the the website through condenser.
  • Steem get absorved into the surface of our smartphones through absorver.

Second option: "compresor": Since, we are compressing the steem content into the small area of a portable smartphone screen.


A little stream of condensed air. Like you get from those cans you use to dust out your keyboard: small and packs a punch. ;)



seethe is a state of constant activity.
Every second Steem is generated.




SteemIQ. .....IQ is a number that represents your intelligence and that is based on your score on a special test.

Easily transferable and accessible.

uninterrupted Steem's power supply

All about steemit is enclose under one roof for accessibilty.

Where you find everything about Steem.

The direction or flow of Steem.

Charging and giving steemit more power.

Festival of Steem