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RE: @ned - are we on the verge of a Steemtrain wreck? Answer NO - BUT THERE ARE STILL VALID CONCERNS

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"i have no idea if he's correct, but i am going to further disseminate FUD and make loud demands and point fingers even in the case where i know there might be no issues at all".

Downvoted for baseless fearmongering.

Happy Steeming....for now

I hope that means you're going to stop making posts like this.


It's your prerogative to take that position @sneak, I happen to think that posts like this are an entirely natural and predictable result of poor communication from your team.

I had no intention of spreading FUD but the difficulty in getting information requires direct approaches.

You might acknowledge that everything is not perfect and take the opportunity to provide even more information as @gtg has attempted to do. There is after all a great deal of value in setting the record straight and allow the concerns of people.....there seems to be rather a few that had rest.

I guess you and your team are perfect and anyone that doesn't know everything you do is a 'baseless fearmonger?' Are you even aware of the privilege of your position in terms of access to information? You might want to think about that. You aren't the only one who cares about the success of steem and steemit.

I agree @sneak, you guys need to communicate more, seriously. Hire another person. @andrarchy is supposed to be the community liaison but all that comes from there and @steemitblog is high fives and "yay we're doing great"!. We need to be kept in the loop.


I'm glad to see you looking and responding to posts that address concern about the platform. Thank you for doing that. We need people with your skillset to help this place grow.

This current approach to handling concerns is abrasive.

Many of the full Steem RPC nodes went down in one day, and this appears the next. Witness chat itself was asking questions regarding this too. There were concerns over ram utilization growth as the chain and userbase expands. It's a reasonable concern to ask about the technical state of the platform after everything crashes especially when you have substantial wealth invested in it.

Please make a more concerted effort to address concerns in a more supportive way.

I appreciate your work on the platform and thanks for hearing me out.


All the nodes went down in one day

That is not an accurate statement.


Good reply, and fixed as per your request.

Note that all the pigs are self-upvoting their comments to push them to the top...

I appreciate it when people do that so I can read the answer faster than browsing through endless of comments which are not always relevant to the post. I'm pretty sure it saves a lot of readers time.

Thit is patent bullshit. Sure, flagging spammy content down below, I can see that being a good thing. But if you don't trust that the rest of the people are going to upvote your 'excellent comments' what basis do you have for judging your comments as good other than an unvalidated ego problem?

What a disappointing and concerning response.

Thats quite a big self upvote there buddy. You are spreading FUD just in the way you operate.

I don't think we should label all members concerns about this issue as FUD but I do remember Loki's meltdowns in the past and took that into account. There have been technical issues of late and that's what sparked my concern.

And you need to self-upvote to prove it. Truth has no power of it's own?

I am afraid to self upvote because I may anger a whale....I appreciate your comments which I have had a few of my own regarding the technical issues with steemit. I've worked with techy people that have horrible tempers, but they know their stuff. You are a lot like artist in that way, I have a horrible temper and have had to pay for speaking out about things I care about. I think you are just like my techy friends. I think everyone has the right to speak out even if it sparks fear in the herd, there may be danger, it's important to listen to all voices. Especially since I know next to nothing on these issues, I need to read all sides of this issue. If I can't that means steemit is broken and even the finest code and hardware in the world won't fix censorship.

You can upvote yourself without be afraid to anger a whale. That's censorship in my opinion and mister elfspice alias loki should understand this too.

thank you @oldtimer.

You're welcome. In my opinion, everyone can upvote himself and if somebody doesn't agree with that it's free to downvote him. Excuse for my bad English but I hope you understand my point.

The censorship is only possible because they premined so much SP...

I don't think you should fear upvoting yourself, you are using the platform, communicating with people and adding value. If someone is offended by you voting for your own comments once in a while they are missing the big picture.

good luck with that, aptly named @sneak.

You are all going to have to fess up pretty soon, or, I hope your exit strategy is in progress otherwise you are gonna be in some serious trouble.

I am pretty sure that you have broken laws under the jurisdiction where steemit is registered, Luxembourg. Never mind that also puts you under EU jurisdiction.

Do you think you are going to get away with this, when everything is so transparent on the chain? You should be taking this a bit more seriously, like you are under oath, and you could gog to jail, just for making a false representation, or refusing to answer a direct question.

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