Announcing the Steemit Happy Hour vote lottery

in #steemit3 years ago (edited)

Effective immediately, a portion of my votes will be applied randomly. This means:

  1. Every single post or comment from every single Steemian will have a chance to receive some reward. Minnow or whale, newbie or founder, link share or graduate thesis, every contribution will have a real chance to be rewarded.
  2. Some plagiarism, abuse or other undeserving posts will be upvoted. It is not my goal to reward abuse, but I consider it an acceptable cost in order to make Steemit more fun and fair that sometimes these posts will receive votes. The downvote/flagging mechanism should be used as a corrective measure.

Parameters for the randomization may be adjusted from time to time and I may interrupt or discontinue it at any time for maintenance or other reasons.

I hope the Steemit community enjoys this experimental new initiative.

EDIT: To clarify, the "Happy Hour" vote lottery will continue indefinitely. You are allowed to have fun on Steemit for more than one hour.


Hey Smooth,
Incredible journey this! Just wrote a post "the true power of steemit, building community, empowering change - thought you might appreciate some aspects of it!
As I am new here any help you can give me to get on the ladder would be for ever appreciated, have a beautiful day ;-), Thanks, Will

You have a beautiful day as well!

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cool man thx so much for sharing your influence with small fish like us

In this lobby, will there be T.P.? For my bunghole?

sure TP and any thing you wish
i really love to know about how you become a big Whale
if you like to know your Cross and destiny come to my blog xD
THx for Sharing your Ingluence and lovely Humor

Can i still join?

I wonder the same thing.

Definitely the question!

Can we still get upvotes?

Wondering the same thing

I hope it is still open! :)

hoho still works?

I joined your contest! Love the overflowing positivity there. Thanks for what you do :)

Thank you too for your support! I Stay positive and bee happy! :)

Checking this out.

That is a good contest, very good way to start your day :)

I tried thinking of a submission but I was too sleepy.

Did not notice that this post is 7 months old already.

Haha, and we're commenting on it thinking it was very recent.

I noticed it was and older article, hence the question if this is still in progress

Too many comments for a 7-month old post, goes without saying that happy hour is worth revisiting.

For me still worthy

Thumbs Up!

Is this still on? I wonder..

Not sure.

Same here.

Same here too

I hope it's still on, this is good news to lots of those just getting started

Thumbs up! 👍🏼


Ditto? Does that mean copy? Because that Pokemon copies appearances??

Is it still going?

Well, no one's replying.

Guess it's no longer on then :/

Maybe he's just offline.

Make that 3600 thumb ups, accounting for every second of the happy hour!

That's a lot!

A lot of thumbs!

All thumbs! up

What do you call the big toe? Can we point that up too? just in case there's not enough thumbs? haha

Already included ;p

Haha, we'd look real funny.

Thumbs up too

I don't understand

What's going on lol

I need to figure out what this means The downvote/flagging mechanism should be used as a corrective measure.

I think it means downvote or flag should be from other users in the community, in cases where work is plagiarized for example

makes sense

So much to learn, so little time, so little sleep!

such a great work :) can i still join?

@smooth is still active, he hasn't replied to anyone's inquiry yet though

We are stilll patiently awaiting his return.

Is he on Discord?

Let us all wait and see :)

it would be awesome to have a happy hour again.

yah I guess too

I know right! But I'm thinking also if it would still be feasible given the tremendous growth in the platform

Lets hope it is..

Bring back the happy hour again! :D

Yeah, bring it back!

Haha. It looks like a rally here.

It kind of look like one, haha.

It has a lot of potential

what is back and what is not ?

That was a very great article. Let's bring back the happy hour again :D

more power =D

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I agree. Thumbs up

same here 👍

Wish there would be happy hour again dude!

It would be amazing if there would be one from this author again.


It would be nice to have this again wouldnt it? Imagine what it can do for the community!

It would do great things.

Other than the happy hour, what other initiatives can you think of @deveerei that will make the entire community happy?

Happy minutes and happy seconds will be greater by 60folds overt happy hour. Haha. Honestly can't think of anything.

I say, 'how about a happy 24-hour?'

i also join the voice

thats would be great


I am
Wondering whats going on

Cool support but unable to get reward

Without blinking

Full heartedly supporter

Awesome article, wish @smooth replied and answered if it's still on

I agree mate. Good idea!

Lets make it happen, tag him!

Yeah, we need answers

Is it still going on?

We're not getting a reply, so we don't know yet. He maybe offline as of the moment. He'll be amazed how many new comments are on his old post. Haha!

Maybe we will be able to make him restart it with all these comments

Thats cool idea

Will this work?

What are requirements?

Amazed or shocked?

Lets make it work

Yeah, that's for sure man!

I need all the help I can get apparently? :-D

Hi there. You can look up @minnowsupport. Join the #minnowsupportproject and the #minnowtowhale movement too.

Already a member of both. :-)

Cool! See you around then. We'll have each other's backs here cause of those communities we're in.

Thats absolutely right

is it working for you deveerei?

Post is old but still worthy ;)

Maybe we need to rally to bring this back on. :)

Or just keep talking till it gains traction. (Sound the same thing though)

Not a bad idea

How its working accordingly?

Figure it out

You thought you'd found a gold mine, didn't you? very clever

Nop, just trying to understand whats happening here, was thinking smooth will reply. Thought i entered in the happy hour window. But now i found its you experimenting something. I just searched the page with your name. I apologize, i did not know 😕

Heh, no worries. Anybody who figures out how to game a bot deserves whatever they can get their hands on. I think I need to go have a talk with @gentlebot... :)

Alot worthy indeed

Happy Happy Hour :)

Hahahahaha :)

Hey What is so funny :)

Gentle man and its activities

Ahh i see :) He is really "Nice" :)

good if you believe so

Oh yes.. Robin Hood Style :)

Happy hour's back?

Cool! :)

Is this a thing?

Hi @smooth good day. You can help us minnows to grow. Thank you!

Sir @smooth I'm trying my.luck hahaha but I will start now before my time ends also here is my post, do I have to paste my link in here? Anyways I'm doing it already I'm using my mobile only and it is very loading ahhhggrrrrr

Thank you for the opportunity @smooth

This seems to be such a cool initiative.
Reading posts from the past gives us so much insight on the past of Steemit. Hope this comes back :)

I always thought some of whales started the game long before you )

same here. 👍