He likes to read about himself :)

Anyway, this is pretty cool, I'm really proud of my own little fella @trufflepig right now!

I was just about to comment on that hahahahah

Congrats by the way on getting it up and running. It seems to be working pretty damn well thus far. My only suggestion might be a tweak to make it deemphasize posts about cryptocurrency and Steemit itself moving forward; they're a tad too dominant around these parts.

Wait, did you already do that?

Yeah, so how it works now is that the predictions are really unbiased and I do not tweak them.

Next, I compute a rankscore for each post which is simply predicted_reward - actual_reward and then this rank score is multiplied by different factors <=1 to do exactly what you said.

So for using any tag out of 'steem', 'steemit', 'crypto-news', 'bitcoin', 'blockchain', 'cryptocurrency', 'crypto', 'dtube' your rank score gets reduced by 20%. Similar punishments are applied for number of grammar mistakes. I have to punish grammar mistakes after the predictions because I cannot use them as a feature. Computing grammar mistakes for the entire training set is not feasible, so I just compute grammar mistakes for the final selection of truffles and put that into the ranking.

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