Thanks for your support buddy! I will be writing the feature post in a while. I hope to get more support to be able to increase the incentives for the featured authors.

By the way, I have selected your posts to be part of today's feature, including the rest of those resteemed @photocircle which are obviously undervalued for the effort & talent that was put into to producing those work (yours included).

If this project went well, i would like to form a community where people like us can share ideas and learn from each other, which will focus on photography.

P.S. you may also drop a link of a post from an author/photographer that you think is deserving for the feature. That would be very helpful :-)

I thought at first the photos on that post we're drawings.

A group to share ideas sounds like a good idea. I see a lot of the people I followed at one time have stopped posting. I think they get discouraged.

Its after my bedtime here buddy, I will chat with you tomorrow :) Don't want to sound like a broken record but thank you for the compliments.

Thanks for the help buddy (this is a good one!)! Looking forward to a collaboration work with you for this project.

Yes, have a rest. It's our lunch time here in SG.

Hey check this one out. I started following him when he had won the first #mypictureday contest I participated in.

Great! I think I remember @alequandro. This post is awesome, great story as well. Yes let's feature him for today edition.

Thanks a lot buddy!

I have been browsing through the photography post tonight. So many photos without any type of story or context to go along with it. The story that goes along with the photos add so much to a post.

I get people wanting to submit photos to contest but it's a little disappointing to click on a photo post and there not be any text that goes with it.

I think it would be ok for now, let's be inclusive as long as it's their own work. I haven't come up with the technical details for rules. For now Im working for visibility and looking for sponsors. If this project gain more attention, we will release the @photocircle account and then invite moderators to join. That's the plan for this project. :-)

@snusmumriken might be someone to keep an eye on too.

Thanks! Will follow @snusmumriken as well.

By the way, are you interested to join me in this project? As one of the future moderators?

I am interested but I don't know if I can commit to being a full time moderator. This time of the year my work starts to pick up.

If you need someone to fill in from time to time I wouldn't mind helping out.

I also don't mind helping to find authors.

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