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From Monday 3rd September (Today), my 9 week unintended break from the world of work ceases to be. The sun is shining and the sky is blue, but short of winning the lottery without actually buying a ticket, I will be back at work this week and the subsequent ones too.


I have nailed a decent contract with a bank that is going to be quite intensive and will take a lot of my time and concentration, and Steemit will need to take a back seat for a while.

What’s more there was supposed to be two of us starting on this date, and the other bloke has pulled out.

I hope they aren't going to expect me to do TWO people's jobs! They are hiring for the other position, so if you are an App-V 5.2, Powershell and SCCM specialist and want to work in the wild north with a crazy looking Steemian let me know.


I enquired about the dress code, and the pimp (aka agency) I'm working though, told me jeans and t-shirt! Well thats a bit of a suprise but a good one. I know some people have this thing about seperating work and home with their dress code (poke @stav), but I'm not one of them.

He went on to add, 'no ripped jeans though or sport shirts'. I can live with that, but still on day one I'll go a little more formal.

However, all is not lost. Last week I configured SteemAuto to vote for me on some accounts, and I will be adding some more. It’s not perfect and really not the way we are supposed to do things, but it’s better than completely abstaining.

Like @whatsup mentioned in a recent post, I’ll just sit back and let the votes come in. Well in my case I’ll be sending the votes out and getting the curations in, at least for a while until I figure out this place and what they want from me.


It would not be me if I was to completely abstain from writing or posting anything. I will, but probably not to the depth and frequency that I have been doing.

I have plenty of ideas and stories with photographs; it’s just the time it takes to create the write-ups. I don’t do things by halves, and don’t want to put out crap content so that’s really my decision for the moment.



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Back to the work again.
Well, steemauto is a good solution in cases like yours... I don't see anything wrong using it and supporting colleagues when you are away from steemit.
Good luck with the jobs.

Hope the new job goes well. It seems a lot of companies are more relaxed about dress code these days. I've just had a week off, but need to get back into work mode


Some of them had shorts on + flip flops, not seen anything like it!

Good luck with the new job, it sounds interesting and a relaxed dress code is always nice - you can choose how smart-casual you want to be. Working certainly takes up a lot of time and energy, especially when you are starting a new job. Look forward to reading your posts when you get the opportunity to write.


Look forward to reading your posts when you get the opportunity to write.

I'll try, I feel drained right now :)

Good luck in the new job!
Are you following the @welcomewagon curation trail? I joined it yesterday, the first time I've ever done auto-voting, because I'd noticed that I rarely vote for Steemians with a rep of less than 50. That's because I just don't see their posts - they're not on my feed. The welcomewagon helps new Steemians get started, which I think is a great initiative. And because it's the welcomewagon, you know that you'll be upvoting people who make a bit of effort to produce quality posts.


Not seen that one yet, but have heard of it. I'll take a look later, thanks :)

Congrats on the new gig! Make sure you share some stories from your new digs and revelations about returning to the land of the paycheck.

The suits like the #cryptopub too so don't be a stranger!

Congrats on the new job! Check in from time to time so we know you're OK, but make sure no matter what you're putting life first. :)

Good luck on the new job, seems like a nice one :)

Good luck on the new job! Maybe you'll get rich of off Steem in the meantime ;-)

Congratulations and good luck on the new contract. Sounds like it is going to be a good way to keep busy for a while! I usually only use Steemauto for accounts that I know will put out good content. Like you for example :) If there is a question about what they are going to be putting out, I usually stick to manual curation.

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