Would you like to know why I want to quit working in Steemit ??? .. Although I have made profits by. *** 6 ***

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Steemit society lacks justice, am I right ???
My account at Steemit Sale, you can bid , Now arrived, the bid price is 20 SBD are there more???
But I put the accounts up for sale, so I'll quit this job


First Account: @slimanepro


The second account: @starupvote
You can suggest a price
I will be grateful to you for the best price
I wish you luck and success
Thank you for your kind attention
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Are the accounts still in sales? If you are going to auction them, you should set a deadline, not wait for them to increase the price to something that suits you.

Of course I wait for someone to give me a price that suits me
It is unreasonable to sell my efforts at a low price
Do you accept her for yourself ????

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