My Custom STEEM Hats Turned Out Great! Which One Do You Like Better?

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A couple of weeks ago I ordered two custom STEEM hats and I finally got them in the mail! The hats are legit 9FIFTY New Era snap backs. I went with a camo and an all black version. I like the STEEM logo best, so I made a clean all white version for both hats. 

What do you think?

The stitching came out pretty well. I just wish the logo could be a bit bigger, but it's maxed out as is.

If there is enough interest I can order a set of hats and put them up for sale on my website @bitcoinshirtz 

Hi there, I’m Will.  First and foremost I am an entrepreneur and voluntaryist.  I aspire to help build a more free world, one that we all want to live in.  Some of my biggest passions include cryptocurrencies, marketing, finance, cannabis, traveling, bodybuilding, snowboarding, motorcycles, and Subarus.  All pictures are my own unless otherwise stated.  I release everything under CC0.  

My website:  
My DTube:!/c/slickwilly
Affiliated Steemit Accounts: @bitcoinshirtz & @trueliberty   

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These hats look great. I liked the black on more. I'm also a fan of custom hats. But I like to make them on my own. I'm a graffiti artist. I ordered like a dozen 5-panel hats from Delusion MFG, got a little creative and now I have a really nice collection of my own custom hats.

They are spectacular ... The camouflage is my favorite !!

Wow are incredible man ... That good taste!

The black cap this fabulous friend, highlights the logo!

I like more the black cap is easier to combine ... It's great to promote and advertise our community.

I love this idea so much. Thank you for your hard work.
I like all of your stuff because your content type is very educational

They look pretty cool ;)

liked the black one the most :)

Wow that design is making it look cool time for some style :D

I like the all Black!

both look good!👍👍 nice work

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