I attended the India Steemit Accelerator #2 At Bangalore

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Sometime ago, @firepower had announced the Steemit India Accelerator #2 in Bangalore. I had just joined the platform then and was very excited that it is happening in my city. Registered and got a confirmation of my registration and I was all set and waiting for the D-Day. 

Sunday, July 30, 2017.

Robert Bosch India HQ

There were plenty of attendees at the venue and I was among the ones who was like the last few pieces of a puzzle (actually, one of the last ones to make it!). Found some familiar faces around and got to meet fellow steemit users and exchanged pleasantries before we settled down to business. 

@firepower began with the explanation of the meet and started off with a few videos and presentations. After all the presentation was over, @firepower answered a few questions before we took a break for tea and snacks. The QnA continued post tea session and it was more of a discussion than just a one-on-one QnA. 

Overall, a very educative session which will definitely help newbies like me on this platform. Looking forward to engaging more on steemit, online and offline.

Here are some pictures from the event that I managed to snap: 

With @sanjayjkamath and @thebatmanbiker 

With @firepower

Here are some of the attendees I interacted with.. show them some love!










and many more some of who didn't have a steem ID yet or I don't remember their ID

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Hey man! It was great meeting you and all the others. Hope to catch up again soon ✨


Hey @hardikv, it was pleasure meeting you as well.
All the very best with your music ventures...


Support the Indian STEEMians <3 <3


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Any idea about the next meetup?

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