Fill In The Comic - What Is Being Said?

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Blank comic i did today, fill it in with something. Think ima mash the two together next.

mixed the 2, here it is.


Cheers steemit and cant wait to see what you all come up with.



The 2nd would be about the boy corercting the girl an etc.


Freddy Murcury

mamma just killed a man, put a gun agienst his head, pulled the trigger now hes dead.

Awesome fill in of the comic..

JAJAJAJAJAJAJAJAJA demasiado bueno. como decimos aqui en Venezuela
Vergatario amigo.


Hahahaha happened to me once a long time ago. HAHAHA

second1para montar.jpg


thats great!
best one yet!

Mañana sabado voy a colocar el mio. saludos.

have a great friday!

Thank you for your continued support of SteemSilverGold

These are really cool! Nice.

thank you.
once i get more time to mess around they will look less basic im sure.

hey the thing we discussed the other day. I ended up adding you to the follow account i contacted you on. I am just going to lease steem power on that one so I was just updating you. you are added now

Wait what??!?!?!?
Thats awesome!
is it the one that covers minnow votes?
Once i realize whats going on ill be sure to send the sbd to the account.
What was the account name again?
Afk for 3 days feels like weeks in steemit time.

no I started following you with horrible steemian instead of a new account. he will auto upvote your postsas long as he is in his designated vote power range. I am trying to lease some steem power for it. Might have to go through blocktrades.

Oh wow!
now i remember!
Thats awesome and TYVM!
I will Be sure not to abuse it and spam post and whatnot.


do as you wish. that is what it is there for. It is only worth a penny or 2 right now but as it grows It will get better. I make posts and grow it every day.

every little bit counts.

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