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RE: Fill In The Comic - What Is Being Said?

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hey the thing we discussed the other day. I ended up adding you to the follow account i contacted you on. I am just going to lease steem power on that one so I was just updating you. you are added now


Wait what??!?!?!?
Thats awesome!
is it the one that covers minnow votes?
Once i realize whats going on ill be sure to send the sbd to the account.
What was the account name again?
Afk for 3 days feels like weeks in steemit time.

no I started following you with horrible steemian instead of a new account. he will auto upvote your postsas long as he is in his designated vote power range. I am trying to lease some steem power for it. Might have to go through blocktrades.

Oh wow!
now i remember!
Thats awesome and TYVM!
I will Be sure not to abuse it and spam post and whatnot.


do as you wish. that is what it is there for. It is only worth a penny or 2 right now but as it grows It will get better. I make posts and grow it every day.

every little bit counts.

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