Sjennon Support - Week #8 is LIVE! Slots open for #9! [Get my 100% upvote ($1.50) for a week]

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Grab your chance by nominating yourself and maybe next week you get my mini upvote!

Look at this! Still going strong with the internet! Today, I am writing from Malaysia, and boy a trip that was to get here.

This week there were a lot of nominations! Whoohoo! I love it when this happens! Keep it up guys, spread the love, spread the word, spread the upvotes!

As I was a bit late last week (I launched on Tuesday), the winners from last week won't be taken off just yet. I promised a full week, you get a full week! These weeks winners already started though :)


Winners of this week!


1. @r00sj3

2. @kurtgrey

3. @boydwander

Nominated by @ittybittycoin


Slots for next week are open! Comment below to nominate yourself :)


What is Sjennon Support?

@sjennon is a nice person who wants to support minnows with their original, undervalued content by upvoting their posts for a week. Every week, three Steemians will be picked from the comment section who will receive a 100% upvote on every post for seven days.

Are there any rules?

Well, more like a FAQ. It's not something big or giant, but just to make some things clear. I've had some questions before so I would love to lay them out here!

  1. You can nominate yourself or someone else by commenting in the comment section below.
  2. Every week I will pick three minnows for Sjennon Support which will receive 100%, 50% or 25% VP (1st, 2nd or 3rd place) on every post for that assigned week.
  3. When you've been placed on either the first, second or third place, based your blog/content and average payout per post.
  4. The winners will get maximum 1 upvote per day.
  5. Average payout must be below $10 per post. Priority goes to nominees below $5.
  6. You can renominate yourself if you've had Sjennon Support before, however new nominees have priority.
  7. You can definitely upvote the comments of people who you think deserve Sjennon Support. Like a Community Decision!

What is the catch?

Nothing. All you have to do is comment to this post that you want to nominate yourself, and I shall check out your profile!

Why so generous?

Why not? I would like to add more Steemians to my upvote bot to support the minnow community and to properly use my voting power! Just a lil' gift from me to you!

My VP is going to waste and I think people can benefit from it! Also, I want to show the community that these simple things such as upvoting a minnow can really regain someone's confidence who has been struggling to get some people across their posts. It's give and take, people. And I want to give.


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My name is Shannon, I am a digital designer and I am currently on my world trip which I am exclusively blogging about on Steemit! :D There is not a specific goal to my trip other than to have fun, discover places and unravel the secrets of Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia, New Zealand and Australia (for now). Follow me on my adventures!

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i nominate @zoon123

I will check out their blog, thanks!

Congratulations to everyone who selected by @sjennon.

I nominate myself again. Good luck...

Hi, @sjennon, I nominate @sjennon. She's an inspiring and generous individual!

Thanks for the generous nomination. Her blog looks amazing! I will definitely consider her ;D

Great idea, thanks so much, this is super nice of you! My wife @suitcasemama and I live in Bangkok, I'd like to nominate her latest photoblog entry about our trip last weekend to the Jungle Rafts on the River Kwai:

Oo, I love Bangkok. I visited the city last month!

Thanks for the nomination - I will check out her blog.

Oh cool, we hope you had a good time and found some yummy food, there's tons of it here!

Ohyessss, for sure! I am currently in Malaysia and I miss the Pad Thai :(

Oh shoot, but we LOVE malaysian and indonesian food so much too! Nasi goreng, satay with peanut sauce, YUM! Where are you going after Malaysia?

Oh for sure! I am really looking forward to the food of Indonesia. I LOVE Indonesian food.

Next stop is India :D

We did Jaipur, Delhi, Agra triangle with our 6 month old baby last year, heehee, it was a blast! Let us know if you want any tips for Indo, one of my favorite countries, lived there for a year, we honeymooned there, etc. etc. etc.! :)

Ooh, how is traveling with a baby? I can imagine it's quite complicated and you have to carry around a lot of stuff! haha :D

Oooh myy, that sounds wonderful. Where did you live?

Hey @sjennon do check profile of @wanderdreamz.. She is new on steemit and a lost wandering soul :P

Odear, a lost wandering soul?! I will check her out :D

Yeah 😂

Nominating @goproman!

Whoohoo! Will consider him. Thank you for nominating.

Looking forward meeting you soon!

Thanks Shannon! He deserves it.
See you soon. :)

I'm also nominating another steemian @skymath01. Thanks for your support @sjennon

Awesome! I will check it out :)

Thanks for this opportunity I thought of nominating my self but its better passing the opportunity to those who need it more, I nominate @stevendion

Thanks for your kind words. And for sure! Share the love! <3

🙏🏻Thanks for sticking this "heart under my belt" (what we would say in Dutch)!

No problem! Happy to help :D

just dropping a message to say 'hello' and hope that your doing well and your tour is going well, sorry i've not been commenting lately just been concentrating on videos and projects and life! hope life is good.

  ·  2 years ago (edited)

Thanks for stopping by @teamhumble! Good to see you here :D

I am doing well - currently in Kuala Lumpur with @firepower! Going to rock the city! How have you been, except busy? :D

fantastic! get it! i'm doing great thanks for asking, busy week, walking, moving about, exercise, making videos. had a good week, gonna end the month on a HIGH! :)

Sounds good! I've been eating and laying in this peace of heaven bed mostly (seriously, you start to appreciate amazing beds after a bunch of shitty hostels).

yeah i hear you, nothing like getting a good bed after being in this van, it's like a little slice of luxury and you feel refreshed for the day(s) ahead.

For sure! But you also don't want to leave it which kind of eats your time. But it's worth it, right?

Every time, gotta get those charges!

This is a really great idea, thanks for doing this:-) I nominate: @ellievallie

Sweet! Thanks for spreading the nominations. Will check @ellievallie out!

Hello @sjennon
A very big thanks to you for this golden opportunity you are giving to minnows like me. I nominate myself to get your support.

For sure! I will keep you in mind.

Thanks for this opportunity. I'm nominating myself @lizot.

I will check out your blog!

What a generous initiative! I'm just discovering your profile. Your designs are stellar. I'm nominating myself, but I would also like to nominate @lilyraabe - who is even newer than I and doing great things on the platform!

Wow, thank you for the kind words! Now you mention it, I should kinda post some more about designs, hehe.

I will check out her profile for sure!

give me my support I really deserve support from you.
thank you
I am from indonesia

I will keep an eye out. Thanks!

I am waiting for you

Thanks for supporting the community. I'd like to nominate myself and I would appreciate your support.

I will consider you! Thanks for the nomination :D

Thank you very much for letting me partake.

wow i just saw this now, @boydwander was picked 👍👍
I told her to get her new post done, she is writing about her home town Bangkok, Thailand. Not quite done yet i guess.

Thankyou for your support @sjennon

Cool! I love Bangkok - I visited it last month and really enjoyed it!

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I really like your brilliant idea Mrs. @sjennon. I am happy to follow you. I hope I can be nominated on your list. Thank you very much.

Why thank you,! I will check out your blog.

This is such a great idea! We are following along to see and share more of your work through the #LadiesofSteemit initiative. As we are new, we are selfishly nominating ourselves. 😁

We upvote, resteem, and engage with the female voices across the Steemit platform, publishing weekly author curations, monthly World News culminations, and support women through the #SteemSugars community. Come join us!

Wow, more ladies! Sounds great :D I will definitely check out your blog!

#SteemSugars ftw! I've been there since the beginning :)

Congrats on the people that have earned your support and thank you for doing this! I'd like to nominate myself again this week too :)

For sure! Will consider your blog again :)

That's awesome, thank you! :)

I also want your support.
if not you who support me. no one else

honestly...I am here in steemit to earn at first.. then I found a family in here. I want to nominate myself @baby07

Steemit is great for community building! I am sure you've come to the right place.

Will check out your blog :)

I'm giving you my upvote because you are so giving with yours!

This is such a fantastic idea, I hope this becomes a community-wide initiative <3 <3 <3

I'll be following you from now on m'dear, thank you for being here!

I hope you have a lovely time on your trip! I fell in love with an Australian once while island hopping through Indonesia, and we ventured up into Malaysia, and from Kuala Lumpur I took a bus allllllllllllll the way to Bangkok....... ;)

p.s. I really like your personal banner... Any chance of you making a tutorial of how to create one of those?

Thank you so much for the upvote and the kind words. It is very much appreciated <3

And I hope so too! As of next week I will start promiting the idea of getting delegation so the upvotes can have an ever bigger impact (and this way I will also be able support more people - bigger upvote, the less vp i have to use, the more people i can support).

I am! That sounds greaat! How did that love story end? And wow, a bus from KL to Bangkok must be really long - I was already wrecked after our ferry + train + train + ferry ride from Koh Tao to Georgetown!

I created mine in Figma, but it is also possible to make them in Photoshop or similar. Do you know any of those? :D

Hey @sjennon I would like to nominate @tatumtruter I have also launched a new initiative from my side to help newbies here. She will be recipient number 1 of many. You inspired and helped me many months back for which I will be ever grateful and now it is my time to do the same for others.Keep been awesome, like you are.. Cheer$;)

Cool! I shall check out her blog! Stay tunes as I'm posting the new winners soon!

Wow, that's amazing! Thank you so much for your kind words and I feel humbled to be an inspiration. <3

Much love from a wonderful bed in Kuala Lumpur!

Thanks a ton @sjennon really appreciate that much love. PS enjoy the travels ;)