Sjennon Support - Week #37 is LIVE! Slots open for #38! [Get my 100% upvote ($0.30) for a week]

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Nominate yourself in the comments below to get your chance to earn that 100% upvote!

It's just 0.30 cents, but hey, it's something. So that makes it definitely better than nothing.

You know, with just my upvote, you can slowly start collecting the money to make pasta. For example, you can easily buy this tomato puree from a single upvote. Well, wow, isn't that a-ma-zing?!

This week I've been once again amazed by the number of nominations. Omg <3

Also, I've been trying to improve Sjennon Support but so far, my mind is still blank. Please let me know how to expand and improve this <3

Winners of this week!


1. @trincowski

Software Developer, Art & Metal Lover

2. @eoj

Travel, fatherhood, life abroad, current events. Alter non-crypto ego of @starthere. Husband of @suitcasemama

3. @aloha-creations

crafts, wildlife, animals, ocean, shells and so much more


Slots for next week are open! Comment below to nominate yourself :)


What is Sjennon Support?

@sjennon is a nice person who wants to support minnows with their original, undervalued content by upvoting their posts for a week. Every week, three Steemians will be picked from the comment section who will receive a 100% upvote on every post for seven days.

Are there any rules?

Well, more like a FAQ. It's not something big or giant, but just to make some things clear. I've had some questions before so I would love to lay them out here!

  1. You can nominate yourself or someone else by commenting in the comment section below.
  2. Every week I will pick three minnows for Sjennon Support which will receive 100%, 50% or 25% VP (1st, 2nd or 3rd place) on every post for that assigned week.
  3. When you've been placed on either the first, second or third place, based your blog/content and average payout per post.
  4. The winners will get maximum 2 upvotes per day.
  5. Average payout of nominees must be below $10 per post. Priority goes to nominees below $5.
  6. You can renominate yourself if you've had Sjennon Support before, however new nominees have priority.
  7. You can definitely upvote the comments of people who you think deserve Sjennon Support. Like a Community Decision!

What is the catch?

Nothing. All you have to do is comment to this post that you want to nominate yourself, and I shall check out your profile!

Why so generous?

Why not? I would like to add more Steemians to my upvote bot to support the minnow community and to properly use my voting power! Just a lil' gift from me to you!

My VP is going to waste and I think people can benefit from it! Also, I want to show the community that these simple things such as upvoting a minnow can really regain someone's confidence who has been struggling to get some people across their posts. It's give and take, people. And I want to give.

Want to help out?

Ever since I started Sjennon Support, the average nominations have been increasing. Also, I've seen some great improvements in the content people are writing and it hurts my heart to not be able to help everybody out as I would love to have a bigger impact on the minnow community and would also like have an influence on more minnows.

Therefore, I am looking for some generous, like-minded Steemians who want to help out with delegations. With the delegations, I am able to support the community more as well as to serve more minnows at once as I wouldn't have to use all of my VP.

Also, a wonderful way to support this initiative is to trail!


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My name is Shannon, I am a digital designer. Born and raised in Amsterdam, living in Berlin. I write about travel, Steemit, design, food, life and any thoughts I have!

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I nominate myself, because this could be a great step forward in building our community account.

Hi @sjennon. Hope all is well with you. I would like to nominate myself and @danielwong as we are determined to produce quality posts everyday and still believing in this platform despite the price going down. We have been also encouraging our friends to continue to write and post too. Thank you for such an opportunity for support! :)

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I had won your support a few months ago and it was a pleasure to have the additional support! I am nominating two people, myself and @dollarsandsense this week for this time.

@dollarsandsense is writing great humorous posts, and is proving to be a great community minded person!

I am still writing a bit about everything, whilst trying to help grow the Classical Music community with @classical-radio. I also love in NL, so I would be able to buy that tomato paste from AH by the end of the week!

Hi @sjennon, thank you for inviting me to participate again this week in your #sjennonsupport activity here. I first entered your contest last week when I came across your contest in @newbiegames' post here. Looks like I didn't win last week, but that's cool, we can't all win all the time. This week I'd like to nominate @buddyboyb, who is a fellow active member of the @steemmonsters community, and who has been doing some really cool things lately. He's only a young chap, and I'd like to see him prosper on the Steem blockchain. Thanks again for this great opportunity to get your upvote.

🙚   SteemMonsters:Site   • Discord   |   • Discord   |   Chibera:   • Site   • Discord   🙘

This week's I want to nominate @cukin again... ☺

I just saw this great initiative and well i like to nominate myself but that would be selfish so I like to nominate @beverlyjoe . Thank your for this great opportunity @sjennon

Thank you very much for carrying out this noble work or function and for the excellent support provided, in order to strengthen our growing community! I would like to nominate myself on this occasion, if it is not very daring on my part :) and be able to be part of this great project every time stronger, and I would like to start thinking about who I am and what is the message I try to promote towards the community with my content:
I am Jesus Marin, Venezuelan and I have a visual disability, my content is related to environmental education, training and the development of techniques of development and skills for people with visual disabilities, including the tactile communication system in its entirety as the Braille language and even some technologies designed for the blind, having as main goal or purpose to improve the quality of life of these people.
The Steemit platform was able to meet me through two users who reside in my town, @Holadeivi and @Rosicreative. They knew that I carried out activities or jobs for the comprehensive care of children and adolescents with special needs such as the visually impaired, and because of this they recommended me to take this project or educational perspective to this platform, where users find that they would be motivated to learn or know about the techniques and management that a person with visual limitations should know.
Seeing all this learning that could boost or direct towards others, I decided to project my knowledge and experience towards the Steemit platform and in this way, I was able to discover a large community of users with a great diversity of topics, talents, abilities and facets, giving me the opportunity to be part of it and allow me to expose my message to the Steemit family.
Counting as a project or central idea,
Besides showing my talent, I want to motivate all those people with special needs and who have skills, facets or any talent they want to make known, but because they feel intimidated or limited by their condition they have not been able to develop it, having as an idea or main project in the community of Steemit to provide or give an example to all these people, with the purpose of encouraging them, that they can develop and thus improve their quality of life; and why not do it in the community of Steemit ?.
Thank you to everybody for listen me and read me .Respects!


for now i would like to include my self in the list because we are not yet minnows...and a few friends if its okay.. It would be so much better to give the little boost to @twodorks, @mimismartypants, @anutu, @ravijojla... sorry its quite a few to mention! hahaha.. we all come from one family here in steemit, but we all have different genre and passions.

Have a nice day!


Awesome thanks for the nomination lady!! Such a great find!!!

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Yesss... lets keep you all boosted up!! 😍😉

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I nominate @minhaz007
Please check his id.he helps me lot

what a nice surprise, than you @sjennon!!!

i will nominate myself """

Thank you @sjennon in this comment I want to introduce myself. @ilyasismail I come from Indonesia. Hopefully your program can encourage me to continue to be creative on the platform.

Cool initiative. I would like to nominate myself...

Very generous of you, @sjennon!
Since it costs nothing, I'll give it a try and nominate myself ;-)

Let's nominate @diogosantos!! :D

A big thank you to being so generous to the steemit community ✌️ And for this cool idea 😀. I nominate @avizor <- myself 🙃

Thanks a lot for picking me. Since I won this week, I'd like to nominate @haiyentree! She's been doing an awesome job and not having the rewards she deserves.

I would like to nominate myself @myd77

I will nominate myself and @steven-patrick

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It's just 0.30 cents, but hey, it's something. So that makes it definitely better than nothing.

To us who are used to getting mostly upvotes around 0.001 or less, it's actually a lot! :D And aside from the tomato puree, 30 cents can also buy... some Steem Monsters cards!

Well, since I wasn't chosen last time, I'll nominate myself and try again. I've been writing about Steemit tips (like recommendation of contests to help grow our accounts), the Steem Monsters card game, and web accessibility. I usually publish two versions of each post, one in Brazilian Portuguese (my native language) and the other one in English.

I nominate myself @chetnaag