Sjennon Support - Week #35 is LIVE! Slots open for #36! [Get my 100% upvote ($0.30) for a week]

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Another week, another chance to grab that free upvote! Simply nominate yourself in the comment section :)

Since I got a job, life's been crazy! Job, house hunting.. and a social life please.

My day of posting has been a bit inconsistent on Sjennon Support and I am genuinely sorry. I am looking into solutions to make thing easier for me and maintain my projects - feel free to reach out of you got any ideas.

Anyway, here we go!

Winners of this week!


1. @yvesoler

Interspecies Researcher | Biomimicry Facilitator | Plant Neurobiologist | Nature Inspired Innovations Consultant | Damanhur Citizen

Nominated by @practicalthought

2. @ychaa

Nominated by @heartbeat1515

3. @emilydonna


Nominated by @audreyclaire


Slots for next week are open! Comment below to nominate yourself :)


What is Sjennon Support?

@sjennon is a nice person who wants to support minnows with their original, undervalued content by upvoting their posts for a week. Every week, three Steemians will be picked from the comment section who will receive a 100% upvote on every post for seven days.

Are there any rules?

Well, more like a FAQ. It's not something big or giant, but just to make some things clear. I've had some questions before so I would love to lay them out here!

  1. You can nominate yourself or someone else by commenting in the comment section below.
  2. Every week I will pick three minnows for Sjennon Support which will receive 100%, 50% or 25% VP (1st, 2nd or 3rd place) on every post for that assigned week.
  3. When you've been placed on either the first, second or third place, based your blog/content and average payout per post.
  4. The winners will get maximum 2 upvotes per day.
  5. Average payout of nominees must be below $10 per post. Priority goes to nominees below $5.
  6. You can renominate yourself if you've had Sjennon Support before, however new nominees have priority.
  7. You can definitely upvote the comments of people who you think deserve Sjennon Support. Like a Community Decision!

What is the catch?

Nothing. All you have to do is comment to this post that you want to nominate yourself, and I shall check out your profile!

Why so generous?

Why not? I would like to add more Steemians to my upvote bot to support the minnow community and to properly use my voting power! Just a lil' gift from me to you!

My VP is going to waste and I think people can benefit from it! Also, I want to show the community that these simple things such as upvoting a minnow can really regain someone's confidence who has been struggling to get some people across their posts. It's give and take, people. And I want to give.

Want to help out?

Ever since I started Sjennon Support, the average nominations have been increasing. Also, I've seen some great improvements in the content people are writing and it hurts my heart to not be able to help everybody out as I would love to have a bigger impact on the minnow community and would also like have an influence on more minnows.

Therefore, I am looking for some generous, like-minded Steemians who want to help out with delegations. With the delegations, I am able to support the community more as well as to serve more minnows at once as I wouldn't have to use all of my VP.

Also, a wonderful way to support this initiative is to trail!


Track your followers with SPECTACLES


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My name is Shannon, I am a digital designer. Born and raised in Amsterdam, living in Berlin. I write about travel, Steemit, design, food, life and any thoughts I have!

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I'm happy to see someone help newcomers and those who write quality content.
You look like a generous person ... good :)
I would like to mention @eoj writes interesting post and in my opinion very engaging. Hope you like it.
Even in my little way I try to help newcomers.

I'd sure like to have 500SP of my own... so I'll be a little selfish, I'll nominate myself. 😆

Thank you @sjennon.
I'm glad that @ychaa is selected.
This time I'm going to nominate @melindajamulis.

I would like to nominate @capui who has just made a really cool origami post which could use some more love.

Hi I would like to nominate @coconut-chanel
I started following her at the start because she posted such an original introduce yourself video. She followed up with some other diverse and funky content and deservedly her reputation went to 49...after a little while I couldn't see her posts any more and saw that her rep had gone to - 2! Wtf!!! It later turned out that she has been hacked by a spammer. Instead of quitting she worked really hard and now she is back churning out some really good stuff. I think she deserves a break and should be rewarded for her stoic determination. Coconuts are hard as!! Anyway check her out... She's cool. Thanks

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It's always really messed up when your account gets hacked. Just make sure you ALWAYS store your master key somewhere hidden and safe!

I'm happy she still worked to get her reputation back up. I hope to see her in this week's post :)

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Cool thanks so much sjennon... So did she qualify for anything..? Whats this week's post..?

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Thanks sjennon... Awesome sauce

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I would like to nominate myself, just because I don´t think anyone will :D

I have been around for +8 months and I haven´t got many of my posts above the $1 mark, unless I paid for it (using bots to make some profit).

This is what I intend to do with my SP whenever I reach a decent enough amount of SP that allows me to have voting power. Great inspiration for the future!


Hahaha, don't worry about that. It's great to see other people being nominated and I'm sure it'll happen to you too someday!

And yeah, unfortunately it's like that right now.. I miss the days where you didn't have to buy upvotes in order to make some money.

I hope to see you in the comment section this week too!

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Omg i sure could use some aloha💜 i dont want to nominate myself its kinda rude but , how can i help others more when my vote is still .00 so working it up and your support will be put for the greater good if im choosen ❤

I would like to nominate @minhaz007
I wish he wins this.He is regular in steemit but not able to success.he helps me a lot

Hi @sjennon, I found your post in the @newbiegames post here, and thought I might just have a go at entering this competition.

I would like to nominate myself.

I'm still very new to Steem, having been here for less than 3 months now, but I have found a lot of really friendly and helpful people here who have helped me to almost reach Reputation 50 already! I hope to achieve that goal before I've even been here for 100 days. That would be cool! Your upvotes would really help me to achieve that, if I win this contest. Thank you for considering my entry.


Ooh, I didn't even know Sjennon Support was featured :D

And yeah, for sure. Steemit is a super supportive platform and there's a great community.

I hope to see you stop by this week too!

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Thank you @sjennon, I have nominated someone else this week. Thanks for what you are doing here. It means a lot to us active newbies.

Glad for you generosity, this week I want to nominate @cukin . I can say she love to share her hobby which is cycling , her travels experience and the delicious foods..


Good to see you back! :D

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I’d like to nominate myself for a chance...thank you for the opportunity!!!

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I would live a chance to gain more SP so I will nominate myself @myd77.

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I am nominating myself @xerostar

Nice to see you and your job in this platform dear.
I would like to nominate myself @princepr.
And how are you?

I’m nominate myself @zamifara..
I love to share about my life and my works as a physiotherapist...
I’m glad that you are kindness to help minnow like us...
Thank you for your generosity..☺️☺️☺️

It's inspiring to see a bigger user helping the small plankton and minnows like this!

I'll nominate myself for now. Recently I've been writing about Steemit tips for newbies, Steem Monsters, and web accessibility. I usually publish my posts in both English and Brazilian Portuguese (my native language).

PS: I realized you're one of the Spectacles guys :D ! I had written about Steem Spectacles once in a post months ago, when I had been researching about my followers and trying to determine which ones were true followers and which ones were bots/spammers.


Hey! I generally read the comments when I make the new sjennon support post, hehe.

Thanks for stopping by! And yay! Always happy to hear people are using Steem Spectacles!

Please stick by for another week ;)

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