still having problems?!?!

in steemit •  2 years ago

I'm hoping to be able to post this when I'm done writing it but we'll see. Is anyone else having major problems with recently? More specifically in the past 24 hours is what I'm inquiring on.
I understand an update was recently introduced behind the scenes and that's why there has been continued issues with the site since that point. I'm also aware of other ways to be able to post to the block chain if needed but would prefer to use good ol' I've been trying for a good 10 minutes to upvote and reply to a @raybrockman post and have had repeated issues. 1 reply to a comment under the post was typed and failed to post 3 times and I was finally able to upvote the post from outside of the post but I have been unable to get back into the post since originally exiting it.
I know the site is still in beta but from Ned's post yesterday stated that they currently have the largest number of developers on the team than they have ever had at 30 people. This update was put in place and has been causing issues for over a week now. I've noticed a few people have backed away due to this and when I first saw those posts I really thought it was an overreaction. As the problems consist though, I tend to begin to see where they are coming from. If I had $20,000 invested in the platform and saw these problems persist, knowing that we need to eventually open up to the masses for Steem and Steemit to really take off and these problems would scare me honestly. Not so much the problems, but the perceived inaction towards the issue.
I'm making the post more as a feeler, with hopes to continue the discussion on why these issues are persisting. Any comments or information on the subject that I may not know would be greatly appreciated. I don't know everything, and I don't claim to either but I'm concerned about this as the platform matures and my investment in it increases. I think a discussion is a benifical thing as we proceed, even if it just improves the understanding of the general users. Thanks for reading and I look forward to your take on the situation below.

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I think steemit is gonna be fine. They're have some growing pains, that's all. As long as the steem blockchain is safe, we are all ok... so I think we're fine.

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Wow, I just posted on the other thread too but I follow you and I'm constantly on Steemit, so it amazes me (and also makes me think about trimming done a bit) that I missed your post for an entire week too. Thank you for reaching out on 1 of my posts to let me know and I will be sure to get on this weekend. Thanks again my friend!!

Steemit is just one client, your investment is on steem, steemit is just one application of the whole picture. I don't think dev just work on steemit ;)


I'm aware that the developers are working on front and back end actions and that there is a lot more they are working on. At this point, I'm not really worried about investing at this point, I was more so using what some other users have done to make a point about my concern. Also, I know is just 1 avenue to access the platform but it's the main gateway and when mainstream adaption happens, I worry about the number of users, users less technically inclined, will be able to access the platforms if these issues or similar were to occur in the future.
Thanks for you input, I'm hoping to get more of a discussion going.

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