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RE: Humanity Is The Brother Next To You! (My Gift To Humanity). Read My Comment Response To #untalented (Who Am I?) Part 1. (A Repository For Steemians' Legacies)

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I absolutely love what you have been resteeming, stemming from your #untalented "Who am I" contest. I'm so glad that you saw @fitzgibbon 's entry as it has been 1 of my favorites! Your words to him were absolutely motivating and it's awesome to know that you are reading, responding and upvoting all the participants. You're such an amazing asset to this community Terry, keep it up!


Wow. Thank you so much! You are right, Terry's words are truly motivating! Also his commitment to reply-ing to everyone really stands out. Feeling so grateful right now and Terry, I really appreciate the gift!!!!!

Thank you very much. He made it simple but he covered a lot

Thank you for participating and for value my response. Stay awesome