Error On Steemit: Random ReSteems On My Blog!

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Who else has experienced this issue ?

A few months ago, it happened for the first time.
I was just casually checking my Steemit Blog - and recognized immediately that the top blogpost had an unfamiliar image.

When I looked closer, I saw that I had "resteemed" this post from a random steemit account that I don't even know!

A few different options came to my mind:

  • Had someone resteemed this who knew my Steemit password?
  • Had someone hacked my account?
  • Was this simply a bug on the website?
  • Maybe this was only a temporary error and would be undone later?

I checked on different devices - and everywhere, I saw the same. The top post was the resteemed one.

I'm very particular about my Steemit blog, I don't resteem many things on purpose - and now, there were random resteems on my blog that I couldn't remove !!

Bildschirmfoto 2018-04-24 um 17.33.10.png

But now the interesting part:

When I click on the post, and scroll down on the resteem button, it says "are you sure you want to resteem this post?"

If you have already resteemed something on Steemit, nothing should happen when clicking that button again!

(Since you can't undo a resteem. )

So this does indeed tell us that it must be some kind of mistake !

It also appears as if I had upvoted these posts - which is not the case.
I couldn't remove this resteem from my blog, and I contacted the #help channel on but the issue remained. Finally, I decided to just leave it.

But then, a few weeks ago, it happened AGAIN!

Bildschirmfoto 2018-04-24 um 17.32.58.png

Same thing: It looks as though I've resteemed this post, but when you click on it you can realize this is actually only an error.

Then , just a few days ago, the exact same thing happened for the third time.

Bildschirmfoto 2018-04-24 um 17.32.50.png

At this point, I don't have any way to fix or revert this - who could help with this? Who has experienced the same?

Let me know!

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Hey Sirwinchester. I hope you could/can solve this. @Akashas gave me a hint and asked for help.

• I never heard something like this...
• Ok, you thought for 3rd party apps by yourself.
• Ok, you said you will check your devices for malware.
• I think you changed your passwords after this, right?
• Do you see any correlations between the resteemed accounts/posts? Who would profit from this? For me the posts seems different; but scamers are not stupid, too, how to blur their activitys.

EDIT: • Or is there a curration trail (or single upvoters) which would profit, if these posts raise in value? Are there some upvoters equal?

• Did you contact the owners of these accounts (where own this posts)? Maby you can get some informations.

• Is there a way to search in the blockchain with a combination of "resteemed + link"? Maby you can find traces. Could be, but i don't know how. But i can make a research, if you like.

• You said in an other comment "steemvoter (which I already checked and is fine)". I don't know these guy/girl(s) from steemvoter and don't wanna claim something, but: where you checked that everything is fine? In the normal user interface? What i want to say: i mean just because the UI looks fine, is there really everything ok? And if you cant verify this, is there a possibility to switch to an other service, which gained "trust" in the past?

I hope you will find a solution fast. Because maby anybody has access to your account and this could be not very funky, i think.

Greetings! (Tell me if i can do some research for you! I'm here to help.)

hi T!, do you see you the resteems on steemd and/or busy as well? if not there must be a frontend error and it could be an idea to checkout steems github and file an issue under the condenser project. (

if u also see those resteems on other frontends (iaw) they are recorded on the chain, something to investigate. - plugins, change ur posting key, check anywhere any tool u might have used which is using ur key maybe.

good luck for now.


Hey Roeland!
First of all, hope you're doing well!
Thanks for your suggestions, very helpful. Appreciate it

I just checked steemd and actually, you are right - the "reblog" is there as well.
Bildschirmfoto 2018-04-30 um 15.19.13.png
This is really strange to me because I've never shared my posting key or used any 3rd party servives except steemvoter (which I already checked and is fine)


Screenshot from

So the possibilities are:

  1. Someone with access to the account is doing some unauthorized resteeming (very unlikely imo)
  2. Someone has access to your account's posting key and is doing some unauthorized resteems. This may be from having access to Steemvoter's key database* or maybe from having the key from some other source. If you ever divulged the posting key to anyone or any service, they may still have it.

*because they ask for keys instead of adding their account to your posting authority, not taking advantage of Steem's permissions design.

The solution is: change your post key or make a new account password. If you choose to make a new password (changing all of your keys including owner), be sure to back it up safely and securely, and immediately!


Thank you very much! Appreciate it 🙏
I'll try that


I forgot to mention: if you make a new password, keep the old one too. It can be used to recover your account within a bit less than a month in case the new one gets lost.

I know, it's crazy! And I also noticed all those random resteems from an @appics account in your blog too! ;)



😏😏 hahaha

So far it has not happened to me, oh, I also wanted to say that your APPICS project looks excellent..


Thank you very much! Appreciate it

Hi Sir Winchester,
This is problematic, people could resteem some random bad stuff which makes you look bad. You don’t need that guide of stuff or the grief that comes with it.
Did you get this fixed? Or figure out what happened?
I am going to look closer at my blog now.
Also I wanted to say that your APPICS project looks great and I am looking forward to getting to use it! I hope you are able to be the first SMT project, but in the meantime I hope the backlog issue on etherium doesn’t adversely affect your project.
Good Luck and I wish you continued success.

This is strange to me.
I haven't experienced such before.

Could be that someone has your password or posting key.
It can also be a bug on steemit, I hope this case is addressed by the appropriate authorities soon


I'm really wondering how this happened because I never disclosed my keys to anyone or any service ... anyway thank you, I'm trying to get it fixed!


You are welcome sir

If it's showing up on steemd and busy then you should change your passwords and run a spyware/malware scan.


Thanks for your suggestions, I'll try to get this fixed!

Sounds odd, never happens to me tho.

Damn it, i Never Read about this prob!
Could you contact the crew directly to ask?
This sucks for real!!!
I will ask some fellas, but you are the first one with this kind of problem....
Hope somebody has an answer!
Good luck that it will stop!


Thank you very much! Yes I'm trying to figure out how this could happen ...


Man this is Stange!
Nobody knows how this could happen.
If I know someone who could help I let you know it!!!!


Thanks for sharing this info with me!

"A/your fella"

Gosh, people are so inventive when it comes to earning money/growing the audience rapidly/looking for a shortcut. You've posted this two months ago, today as a noob on steemit I find it quite daunting to look for the real people to follow / real comments to jump in etc.

There's something weird on and off recently. When I check replies tab it keep showing the same old reply from someone once a while until I refresh.
Later, coming by the reply tab, it will show that old reply again. I don't suspect it's caching. If so, shouldn't it just shows the latest?

you've got the error a third time, it does not seem to be allowed. you have to handle it do not happen the fourth time

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