LBVS Episode X " The 🎄 That Could Never Be" A Short story about a Minnows life.

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Episode X The Tree That Could Never Be🎄

Music: Missing that one
Producers: @sirlunchthehost x BBK9000

Oh me, Oh me
What don't I see
I love what I leave
But still, I am the Tree that could never be.


"There are many layers to this, to this piece, not just the obvious funny"

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Been a while brother, hope all is good, great video, looking forward to more...couldn't stop laughing...thing is, they use to call me watching the ax chop the tree, made me see you as the tree..loved it.

be good...

That's about right for what's going on now.


Hopefully this gets to a lot of people to see it :D. In dire times, laughter is good medicine.


Yo, I got that medicine.

Calling @originalworks :)
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Nice, you got an awesome upgoat, thanks to @adsactly
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Awww. A gift for me? You really shouldn't have.