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So basically the same shit you've been saying since over a year ago, more or less, mostly less.

How did things go in Malta, eh @Ned? Why don't you start telling some truths, instead of stretching your lies.


as long as you put BETA on the website. - it's ok

Oh it's really NOT okay. @bearbear613 - dm me in discord sometime. We should talk.

Gosh! This is tantalizing! What's been hidden from the public?
More info, if possible!


I'd say that's up to non-existent numbnuts @ned to explain, I'd say everyone will know what Im talking about within a month or so anyway.

Is this going to cause a huge selloff?

You mean more than is already happening with ned, dan, alpha, and other whales and stakeholders, et al?

Debatable. Genuinely could be great or terrible news, depending on the outcome. However, if said rumor is true, certain aspects of it will be very gratifying to some of us for more philosophical and hilarious reasons.

Oh, see, now you're just being a cock-tease. You've got to kiss and tell or we wander around disconsolately.

How is that different than what we were already doing?

More whispers.

I hate riddles. So ned died by going to malta to beg for investors and instead they threw him into the sea. Your not selling your steem so it must just be more of the same stuff from them.

I am in full power down... Also, I cashed out and made my bank at $12 LAST december, I could sell what is left or leave it to die and it wouldn't matter. Currently I give what I do power down every week to a venezuelan who needs it way worse than me. I'm a partner in a "real world" company. I make my money elsewhere than the chain. This was something very important to me 18 months ago, a year ago. Lately it's just a lark to watch and spin like a slot machine. One with a seriously poor set of odds at the moment. People who want to believe as hard they can, hate on me, but so far, I haven't been very wrong yet about any of my assertions about the state of things or the people I've specifically singled out and called fakes, frauds or fools. Wait and see ;)

Or you could tell the community what this rumour is and save more people. Doesnt sound like your much better than these people you call frauds. Who knows things and keeps them hidden, makes no sense.

Oh if i can substantiate it I definitely will, count on that. in the meantime, in between time I have served two purposes, one being putting ned out there to explain it himself, since its a rumor about his recent actions and two, it's just putting in the chain that it was known to be seen by people who could substantiate, but probably won't, yet.