Don't Use The Bidbot Blindly. Beginners, Please Pay Attention To These 3 Things

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Don't Use The Bidbot Blindly. Beginners, Please Pay Attention To These 3 Things.

I thought I have gotten over bidbots but I still find myself hanging around just observing the activity that is going around in there. This is a true behaviour of an addict.

There are 3 things you must absolutely pay attention to when using bidbots.

So, once you have written your article, head on to Once you are there,

  • Look for the bots which do NOT have ZERO value for the Max Suggested Bid.

  • Look for the orange "Action" buttons on the right hand side.

Click on it and you will find this:

Click on "details" and you will find this:

In this case, ROI is negative, so DON'T BID!

In this case, ROI is positive, so GO AHEAD AND BID!

  • And finally, look out for the Total Bid Value and Total Vote Value. Total bid value MUST BE less than 75% of Total Vote Value..

Do NoT use bidbots blindly. Its bad for you.

There are Others Ways to Earn at Steemit:

1. Create content & curate content

2. Delegate your SP

3. Sell your votes

4. Lease your SP

Marketplace where you can do action 2 to 4:

  1. Minnowbooster
  2. Smartsteem


I use bidbots sometimes. But when you do, please make sure you monitor these 2 important parameters at before you send in your bids.

Make sure that:

(i)The current ROI is NOT negative.
(ii)The Max Suggested bid is not ZERO.

For more info, refer here:

How to use the bidbots wisely to ensure positive ROI for all. It’s all in your hand but you need to know how.

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You explained it very well. It really helps to place bid wisely.

Thank you @simply-me for sharing this!


Thank you for your kind words. I really hope that people will bid wisely because oftentimes I see them sending bids when the conditions are not favorable such as negative ROI & Max suggested Bid being Zero already.


Yes, I also see that. Your post will definitely help a lot of people.

I wish I'd get some posts like yours when I started using bots!
Followed you! Keep posting. See you around :)

Or just post good content and grow organically


Sure, you could do that. It's just a lot of hard work. I have an opinion about that maybe here or maybe in my other post:

I'm going to try this out soon. I've experienced my first negative ROI on three consecutive bids -- I possibly was paying attention on the wrong numbers.


Hi @webgrrl, all the best. semoga berjaya.

helpful post! tks so much


Glad it helps

Great info. I have only been on steembottracker one time. Didn't really understand much so I didn't return. This helps.