Daily Steem Price Update 9/2/2018

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Good day Steemian welcome to todays Steem price update for 09/02/2018 I have been posting the Steem price update again everyday since I attended the SteemFest 2 which during that time I was too busy to post.
I also want to mention just incase your thinking today something doesn't look as it should the daily steem price update will be slightly changing from time to time.

But regardless of changes we will carry on as usual and by this I mean knowing the price of Steem as its important for your daily plan or strategy and honestly even if you are not planing to do anything with your Steem I still recommend checking out these updates and keeping an eye on the price, so without further ado lets take a look at today's Daily Steem Price Change for 09/02/2018

Should you be trading with Steem today?


Steem Daily Price TemplateTVD109022018.jpg

At todays price update we catch everything going up and so breaking the 3 day patterns of around 15% increases and now gaining faster so lets just hope it atleast sticks for the next update.

WP_22171102_004 (2)08022018v-s650.jpg


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Today was a good day for crypto hodlers.


Thanks @mattt yes a good day crypto monies

Great job my friend @simonjay..:)

Steem and SBD's are getting close..


Yes they was but steem seems to still be running well @manorvillemike


I told you so @simonjay! Going up and up! : )


Yes yes so far so good @whatisnew hope it continues.

you are today amazing and this is the first time i know you.
I am @asyifasalskat berimaksih on you have given vote to me 3%
to support me to the next level.
I am @asyifasalsabila very much in need of your help.
I will also see your next posts posts to support each other to your trending jejang.

my greeting to a friend who has supported you is udate the value of Bitcoin, as you mean.

best regards from me @asyifasalsabila


Hello @asyifasalsabila no problem I am here everyday.

The SBD is catching up hopefully it will over take it soon and that we continue on this rise


Yeah its lagging behind we needs some buying for it to pass, think it will help Steem go up if it passes @hotmagoes ?