Daily Steem Price Update 30/4/2018

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Good day Steemian welcome to todays Steem price update for 30/04/2018 I have been posting the Steem price update again everyday since I attended the SteemFest 2 which during that time I was too busy to post.
I also want to mention just incase your thinking today something doesn't look as it should the daily steem price update will be slightly changing from time to time.

But regardless of changes we will carry on as usual and by this I mean knowing the price of Steem as its important for your daily plan or strategy and honestly even if you are not planing to do anything with your Steem I still recommend checking out these updates and keeping an eye on the price, so without further ado lets take a look at today's Daily Steem Price Change for 30/04/2018

Should you be trading with Steem today..


Steem Daily Price TemplateTTM30042018.jpg

Today steem goes down again a much bigger downwave then yesterday at first I was going to say I expected it to go down but not under $4 so quickly, but then I noticed its the 30th so I guess this was expected, SBD also unfortunately picks up the pace downwaving not as fast as Steem but still a shame.



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April was a good month. Hopefully May will be another good month.

Wow the comparison was huge so much better then the previous 2 months, yes indeed lets hope so @mysearchisover

Why don't you power up? You could also convert your steem dollars into steem to help the price.

I do both everyday I keep the power up until the price goes up higher and as for buying I do that already but I need the money for a new computer and attending events @mysearchisover

Thanks for giveing us latest update of Currency

No problem thank you @oliviaalexa

Hello @simonjay, when you indicate its the 30th, is it because on this date there is a tendency for more offer from the market looking for cash? ... I hope this is part of the justification; but in any case we must continue working from the platform and being aware of your information. Greetings @simonjay

There seems to be some indication that somewhere around the end of the month beginning of the month the price often drops not necessarily on the 30th but around that time @cjao20

was for sure overextended..( as bitcoin at 9800 as wrote..) but that's ok..a little basing in this vicinity is not a bad thing!! thanks..

Oh well said yes I agree its not a bad thing @yankee-statman

Got to except these down days.


Yup this was to be expected unfortunately, which is why I moved some of my SBD already @manorvillemike

We must have patience and wait for better days. Best regards @simonjay

Better days will come around but right now its still dam good @felixgarciap

You have shown us that there is a pattern for the end of the month downhill, so thanks to you, I expected it. And like you said, "still a shame."

So basically there seems to be a higher chance that somewhere near the end of the month/ to as much as the beginning of the month that the price will drop, around a %60 chance. I am still observing @whatisnew

Look like the SBD is dropping harder then the steem price well it didn't stay at the $4 mark for long but it was good to see it at that price again.

Yes unfortunately that seems to be the case such a shame would of been nice for it to catch up with Steem but I guess its expected, and yeah it didn't stay long but long enough for some trades hehe, think we will see it peep back to $4 within the week?

Maybe it hard to tell with this yo-yo game lol

Hello my good friend,
I managed to catch up on your posts with some strong upvotes.
I'll be back as usual.
Steem to the moon!!

Awesome buddy just in time thanks for that @paradise-found 4k sp lets do it!

Great news this is..✌

Dhis is beauty very good