Delegated 100SP!! To @canna-curate, Moving House Update & Smoking Crumble??

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Delegated 100SP to Canna-curate!!

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Recently @conradino23 and @jonyoudyer brought the canna-curate to my attention Canna-Curate is a group of cannabis advocates searching Steemit for great cannabis related post, and I as a Cannabis Consumer love the work they are doing and would love to be a part of the Team!! At the moment I have delegated 100SP to @canna-curate and I am following the Curation Trail using !!

It would be great for the cannabis community on Steemit if more people jumped on board and supported us Cannabis Bloggers, I feel cannabis related stuff has been censored to much on other platforms and Steemit is the perfect place for us to show and share our love for this plant!!

For more information check out the discord channel Steem Powerd Cannabis here you can find more information on the canna-curate community trail, and other Cannabis related stuff!!

Canna-curate already has over 1000 SteemPower delegated to the account I hope more people come and support this project!!

This post from @canna-curate has more details on delegation en the canna-curate trail :

Passing the blunt to new delegators


Busy Weeks!!


This week we removed the laminated flooring from our appartement, the plan is to re-use them in our new home!! Its only a few days till we get the keys, the 28th we wil be officially renting the house. I just can't wait to start growing Vegetables in my new garden!!

It wil have plenty of room to continue growing my pepers and other vegetables, and room for my Cookies 😎😎

Smoking Crumble?

I went to the Coffeeshop to get myself some smoke!! Because we have to save money for moving I didn't buy exspensive cannabis to smoke. At the shop they now have something named Crumble for 4.50€ per gram and to be honest for that price the smoke is not bad!!

The Cannabis is totally crumbled wich is not how I like my Cannabis but he' for that price and with that name I knew what I was buying hehe, and it gets me pretty high nontheless😈


Are you a Cannabis Smoker? What are your favorite strains? Let me know in the comments!!
Also if you are in need for a Cannabis community join the Steem Powerd Cannabis channel!!

Time To Smoke Another One!!
ZomboMeme 15012018221328.jpg

Have a nice day everyone!!!



sounds like a cool project, nice looking joint

I would delegate if i had my old steemit account :(
I preffer hash though hehe :p
Time to roll one!

Yeah I really hope you can somehow get your old account back!!

I dont thimk ut will happen but

Power down and pass it over. But got you. Followed and voting!

Not able to pass it even though I still have my private wit from when i ran a witness node.

Oh well you can set yourself and it on auto-vote and the curation trails.

WHAT a great way to pay it forward to other steemians.
And thank you!!! For introducing me to @canna-curate - not sure how I missed this page until now. I've been doing more and more posts here about cannabis and my venture into the grow world.

It's new but thanks and can't wait for the community to get even tighter!

And would love for you to join the movement if you want to! We are getting some good votes on the trails and really helps new people when they get hit with the trail votes. The more we all grow? The better our community gets.

And besides when are we going to have a dedicated meet-up for blazing where it's legal? I'm down!

Just joined the DIscord curation group!! Thank you

No thank you and everybody who believes! Definitely making a difference! All of this support is started a landslide and let's make the world rock!

Yep @canna-curate is growing quickly and we hope to improve the curation of high quality cannabis related posts, that are often left to themselves or botted for lack of organic interest! Thx for the shout-out @sieses!

Happy to help out, Being a Cannabis Lifestyle blogger is hard with censorship and laws across the world!! Steemit can be our safe space and we make some money while doing in!!

Cross your fingers the new terms of service on this website doesn't apply to us.

Why what has happend haha?

One day out of the blue one of those bullshit privacy policy updates popped up on everyone steemit screen. You know the type like: We wont release your data UNLESS YOU BREAK THE LAW. Agree or get the fuck off our website.

I geus we wont have much problems, @ned commented on my post a while ago, I had some concerns regarding the "quality content" discussion a while ago, one of my points was cannabis blogger, that if many non cannabis users start hating because in their opinion its not "Quality Content" we would have a hard time here.
He replied with : I agree intresting = quality so I geus he is also ok with Cannabis blogs?

IT was probably just a technicality to cover the site owners butts. lets hope so.

Yeah I hear that! But again... Don't post you grow and brag about it if you live in prohibition areas. It's legal here and the content is legal.

We don't advocate anything that's illegal where we are.

But yeah use commonsense. I don't take weed to prohibited states let alone give evidence of it...

I dont live in a Prohibition area.
But its all federally illegal you realize that right?

Think we caught that one...

Thank you so much! Everyone wins with this trail!! Another thing I love about it is I actually can keep up with upvoting other cannastemains. Its so easy to get lost to the bottom of the feed. With the @canna-curate trail it fixes that!

Thanks for your help and support. You are a huge part of making and keeping this on track. Happy to have this community support here finally and besides getting so much help from people.

And thanks for making sure @canna-curate has me donating rewards to more curation power for more help. I'm excited to see tomorrow!

Yes thank you, and thank you for all your support, this is no one man show and this will grow with everyone's support, which thats the goal!!

That’s the same floor me and my wife used on our new baby room lmao!! Smoke one for us and for the team @canna-curate !! Really great post!!

What a coincidence!! Haha😆 I will smoke a big fat one!! Its been a busy week, I can use a extra smoke hehe.
Have a nice day!!

I smoke e'ry day.

Durban Poison flower, OG Kush wax, and Raspbery Kush/ Medicine Woman 10/10 candies are my tops.

Lol yes you do! Dabs away!

Lol @ crumble... we call it shake here

My bet is its a high quality left over from trimming or something, another shop has something similar, they call it: Hamster haha

As a daily smoker, Ive been considering talking more about cannabis on my blog. Seeing more people on Steemit talking about this is really encouraging.

Well your are apart of the community! And throwing in a huge pile of support? Wow! The rented sp will be gone in a second but that's not going to do much!

Thanks for the support! You gonna join the delegation trail? You don't have to... But the extra votes really help to boost new people's reputation for being curated. And everyone loves extra votes and sees it!

please help him for vote and like me @muved

Don't do it! Sooner or later you're gonna get flagged and then nobody'll want to deal with you anymore!

Lol good advise! That and instead talk with people. Random spam gets hammered.

You are not a Cannabis blogger and begging for random votes wont get you anywhere!!
Have a nice day!

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