Steemian looking for people to upvote and SBI giveaway

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Hello Steemians,

I recently read a post by @newageinvestor, and the post states he/she seeks Steemians to read and possibly upvote quality content.

The requirements for consideration are :


Additionally, @newageinvestor plans a SBI giveaway in the future.


He asks that you leave the name of recommended Steemians or recommended posts as a comment here:

Remember you can leave the URL of your own posts there!
So promote yourself! 😊

Keep Posting!




Thanks for sharing this post and this will surely help people. @newageinv is such a nice writer and I like his posts a lot.

Thanks for sharing these. I guess i am one of thosr who needs these upvotes of a thing comcerning my post and the low $ in it

Good one.. thank you.

That's for sure if whales of this platfrom will not support a new commer then how new talents we can find on STEEM . Some time whales have to upvote good content so new people will be motivated.

Certain account i see the whales are not responding their followers and they are just busy to upvote each other . How this can be gone decentralization platfrom in this bull shit way .

I know even my this comment will not read by big whales and they will do what they are doing right now . I mean they just want to be powerful just by healping each other .

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Thanks for sharing this with us you are really very helpful thanks allot

thanks for sharing mate and i just resteemed this post now :) , #promoteyourself!

Its a good initiave which will help people to do more. Resteemed.

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Good sharing friend this information useful for me.
Thanks friend.

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Nice good for steem.

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