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Why Steemit Inc. implementing DPoS staking in blogging platform? Why they do not just reward the blogger with any crypto as per like/vote?

Im not answer my own question.... please describe in comment section :)

My point of view

-They create a centre of "staking" for user-

Means, you dont have to download your wallet, sync it,installing file from github, and everything in your CPU. That is Old School style...

-They create block for this crypto from WORDS "DELEGATE"

Delegate words is intresting part, because it shown how this systems work. Do you know why the "upvote" button use to? Its not about i give you money, you give it back.

  • Delegate + upvote = Stake

You know what? about i change this formula.....

  • Delegate = Stake - upvote

Do not confius with my simple formula. For the first formula means staking will happen if the power of upvote added with delegation of steem power to confirm big block that create by noder. And ofcause big work will get big reward.

But, how about second formula?.... why upvote become negative. Im try to explain that. What means of delegate... my simple formula shown, If someone send their steem power to any user of steemit, means he/she is delegate steem power.

But, what about Stake - upvote ..? Means, if you delegate steem power, you still do Staking works without you doing upvote job, and when you still do staking works, means you still get reward -you can call it curation-

Why i create 2 formula

Because only have 2 person that can use my formula to run this steemit platform by implementing DPoS... that is Delegatee and Delegator.

users who do not use the full upvote are simply wasted. And if you have some steempower, you're actually not losing anything if you do delegation - staking-

I am comeout with idea for all steemit users can increase their value of Steem Power by join delegation pool.

do not worry about steem power delegation. It can be retract to your account without lost, if you want it back.

Our community give big opportunity for those want to be part of our delegation pool project. Table content below shown how exactly you can take part and get higher upvote from your delegation.

DelegationUpvote Value ReceivedVP%Slot Participent

Refer from calculation for 10,000SP


  • If you join our delegation pool, you are entitled to get our upvote from high steempower value of pool.
  • while your upvote is only worth 0.04 if you upvote yourself without taking part in the pool


All the gelegators will be set in our upvote system.

Participent can delegate under our community account @steembahasa or click link below to direct delegation.

Delegate 250SP

Discord Channel to contact SteemBahasa


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