OFFICIAL ANNOUNCEMENT: ShapeShift has added Steem to the Exchange

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SteemandShapeShift4b5a7.png, the instant blockchain exchange service, is excited to announce the addition of Steem (STEEM) to the exchange. Users can now buy or sell Steem instantly with bitcoin and dozens of blockchain assets including Ethereum, Ethereum Classic, Dash and XRP. No account is required. 


Want to learn how to do an exchange on ShapeShift? Watch our demo video: 

Head on over to the exchange by clicking HERE.

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It would be great if there was a pair for

STEEMDollar : bitUSD

Great minds think alike.

Why cant we make one on ??!?! Arent you the Mighty @xeroc ?? Manifestor of Throoughts and programmer of dreams?

IMPORTANT WARNING: I received today a deposit that was apparently meant to be sent to the Shapeshift exchange. The @shapeshift account is not in any way related to the exchange. Please make sure to only send funds to the account ShapeShift directs you to in deposit instructions. Thanks

Hi, there! Is there anyway you could email [email protected]? We very much appreciate you making note of this and wanted to keep a communication channel open for this reason :) Thanks!

people happen to make mistakes.

Hey @shapeshift I accidentally wired you 480 steem, would you please wire them back to me?
Thanks in advance!

Great work Shapeshift!

Now you'll need to add Steem Dollars... Since most people don't actually have much STEEM. Nevertheless, it's a great start.

I already use Shapeshift to pay for 90% of my Bitcoin transactions using Litecoin

Doesn't make any sense as Stem Dollars is basically U.S. dollars that have to be converted into actual STEEM b4 it can get transferred UNLESS there is a way that I just can't [email protected] moment. I guess that is why SHAPESHIFT is here :) Great work, keep in Shape(shift) ha!

STEEM Dollars can be transferred exactly the same as STEEM.

Go to your wallet, click STEEM Dollars, then press Transfer. I moved a load of SBD to Poloniex just the other day, showed up in just a few minutes.

That is crazy(terrific) Ok so it would be a wonderful idea for 'ShapeShift' to add this feature, oh boi! I love this crypto economy!

Over time STEEM dollars may be seen as equivalent to real dollars (at least for small quantities) which could be really useful to have a crypto easily tradable on shapeshift that represents the value of a dollar.

I second the request for SD and great to hear it's being worked on!

That's great, I'm so happy you guys added this to your platform.

Here's a little bit of feedback since I decided to try your platform out:

  1. The "return address" had me confused at first. I wasn't sure if you needed a public key or my account name. I entered my account name and I'm still not sure that was the proper thing to enter in that box.
  2. It wasn't very clear what parts of the memo string I needed to enter for the destTag. The top part of the screen shows this area:


and the bottom part of the screen shows:


One is showing destTag: shapeshift183714912323 and the other showing destTag shapeshift183714912323 (without a colon). Then, I visit the transaction history on the @shapeshiftio wallet, it doesn't show destTag at all.

I was very confused at this part, and I decided to use just the shapeshift string, since it's what the other transactions on the wallet are doing. With something as important as a destTag, where specifically it says

Don't forget to input your destTag, or you will lose your money!

I'd try to make that as crystal clear as possible :)

Anyways, just figured I'd try and do my part on how I felt as a first time user and where my confusions came from. Thank you guys so much for adding an easy way for us to exchange steem without having to use a traditional exchange :)

Also confused (but regarding a BTS tx) So I assume your conclusion was to not include the destTag string and instead only include the shapeshift{{hash}}, correct? Did it go through?

It happens faster than I expected. Good news for steemit platform.

Great now how about Steem Dollars?

Was about to ask the same question. Many dont realize that SBD is a crypto as well...

SBD is an asset on the steem blockchain and is entirely backed by Steem. It's a smart-contract pie with Steemy insides.

They actually need it more because people might hold outside the system because it's a more stable currency

But, can SBD be held on an offline wallet?

Love it guys! I have always used/loved your service! Thanks for always being so inclusive!

This is, again, very exciting development for us all! Joy! All for one and one for all! Namaste :)

Good for ecosystem although not the cheapest exchange rate by a long way. That's the price you pay for convenience...

Agreed. Any large trades then use @karnal as well as a myriad of other truly decentralised trading platform.

Shapeshifts USP is one of convenience.

Omg big news! Putting my moon boots on right now

Been using Shapeshift for a while saw it on bnktothefuture when you were looking for investment. Prob should have invested. Really happy with the service and wish you all the best

Just used it to convert some steem to btc. Very smooth, very fast. Love Shapeshift!

What was the total commission/fees as a percent of your transaction?

Alright! That's great to hear :) Thanks for using us!

How do you do it? I'm am trying and how do you send the steem?

This is great news! This is another step in reducing friction for steemians.

I would also like to see the ability to exchange Steem Dollars. Otherwise users will have to convert Steem Dollars to Steem which involves waiting for a week or selling on the internal market.

Way to go Erik Voorhees.

Amazing news ! Time to convert some alt-coins into delicious Steem <3

good @shapeshiftio !
always improving your platform 8]

Finally :D Had sent you a message to add Steem 2 weeks ago and now its added feels great :D

That is great…!

-More support to the Steem community,
-Direct way to exchange for Steemers, and
now we just need .........

SBD increase my account to prove it ... .


I can't understand why have so many people are selling your STEEMs and SBDs so cheap... :(
I think the STEEM and STEMMIT.COM it's a great idea, but unfortunatelly, after selling the Steem that i have in my Bittrex account, i never more will buy it again, unless it pass to be a great coin to invest in the future.

Can I just say I love Shapeshift! Used a number of times now and it's been pretty seamless. I messed the process up my end the first time I used it but customer services were very helpful and sorted it out for me - highly recommended!

so is this how i convert to bitcoin? or is it strickly buying steem with bitcoin
why would i want to buy steem?

Very interesting and pretty useful for the steem members.

Well, I was really exited about this, but apparently was not paying attention to the max deposit amount which is currently around 22 Steem. I sent 62.593 and I got a message saying transaction failed. So far it has not returned back to me. It appears that I just lost $100 worth of Steem.

Update: I opened up a support ticket with Shapeshift and they were able to provide me a full refund. Thanks @shapeshiftio!

Good news for the community!

Outstanding. Hopefully you all will add Steem Dollars(SBD) soon as well?

Post rewards, as I'm sure you'll find out, : ) are paid in Steem Dollars. The ease of shifting -- especially for the non-crypto folks -- their rewards from Steem Dollars(SBD) to BTC would be a great benefit. Currently their only option is blocktrades which has a very high markup or transferring and trading on an exchange which can be fairly intimidating.

We are in the processes of looking into it. We will make sure to continue to update the community!

Hope to see Steem Dollars enter the markets of cryptocurrency exchanges everywhere.
High hopes that this is only the beginning.

Heck yeah! Once SBD is added it will be easier than ever to fund my btc plastic card and reward myself with a few beers 👏

How do you perform the action to send steem? The demo doesn't show that, where do you ad the deshtag or whats the name? I'm confused could you please do a demo for steem detailed or send me information and I will be gladly to do a great demo for you.

I am very glad thanks for work

really good work @shapeshiftio , amazing tools exchanger

Rates are terrible! For 1BTC at @blocktrades you would get 5 Steem more, while using latest bid on Bittrex is 12 Steem more

Great news, look forward to SD being added

Sweet. Nice one Shapeshift :)

Alright! We love ShapeShift. Way to stay on the cutting edge as usual. Keep it up!

Blocktrade is better. Decentralized, Bitshares based. Better spread? Maybe.

это правда

Great news, thanks for sharing!

I tried exchanging steem for bitcoin the other day using ShapeShift but I was getting an error. I had to use changeley.

Hi, there! Did you submit a ticket to our support team? They are very helpful and responsive. Please submit a ticker here:

Good news to cryptoworld!

Steem has a great potential and shapshift let trades much easy!

Lets trade guys!

I've used Shapeshift for a while now, and never had any problems. I highly recommend it for exchanging between various 'Altcoins'.

Brilliant work, I was thinking of working other some of my ether onto Steem and this just made things less of a hassle, thanks so much Shapeshift.

Happy to see it, have to try it!!!!

thanks for the information this will really help

Great news and good work. This will revolutionize things on many levels. Very encouraging news.

Thanks for the post and links to stay updated!

This is great to hear. Thanks!

Great News. Thats a pretty good sign. The price may drop, but this shows, that Steem has a good future. With every exchange there are coming new traders and new Steemit users.

Good thing. I have used Shapeshift in the past for exchanging to bitcoin. Had no issues. Steem support is a big plus. , Did you look at this post?

What I was waiting for. finally, thank you shapeshift.

Could you help me? it says. not available?


You guys only shows memo on the site, so buyers have to guess the deposit address just a heads up!

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This is awesome! Thanks for sharing!

Good news for Steem and ShapeShift!

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